1. Waste of a response. No matter what anyone says, Yandy will still think Mendeecees is a prize. She’s that clueless.

    1. And that’s why Samantha and Erika just have to let her be. If she wants to look stupid, let her. If I was Erika or Samantha, I would be done with the show. If people want to ride off the cliff in support of Yandy and Mendeecees, let them. Most people see them for what they are now though.

  2. I still don’t understand why Yandy’s people attacked Samantha when Erika is the one Yandy had more issues with.

  3. Yandy will just say Samantha is bitter and jealous. Everybody wants Mendeecees. Everybody. He’s such a catch.

  4. I think Samantha and Ericka are both beautiful women but they make themselves look silly and pressed arguing over what they used to be in someone’s life. If there is no feelings for Mendecees then why argue over what was? Do you and get to what is! I would leave his cheating arse right over there with Yandy’s simple a-s.

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