Mariah Huq Puts Dr. Heavenly on Blast

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mariah Huq may have spilled some tea while responding to the latest dig from Dr. Heavenly.

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  1. I’m really tired of all of them ganging up on Mariah. They can be mad at her all they like but there would be no show if it wasn’t for her. She created it and they need to always keep that in mind. Heavenly and Quad especially seem real pressed by Mariah.

  2. Ugh, cannot stand Mariah’s miserable a-s but she’s no idiot so I know that piece of info from Heavenly probably isn’t true.

  3. If Mariah actually sold the rights away, please believe they would have fired her and kept her off the show. The producers don’t want her there just like the girls don’t.

  4. She sold the show her name does NOT appear anywhere on the credits!! Look it up nor does her production company. They didn’t even bother casting her this season also, so IF she DIDNT sell the show why doesn’t her name appear ANYWHERE not even as the creator. As Princess Bantors Lofton how fat them continuous royalty checks are. Once you sell the show you get a weekly check.

  5. Mariah didn’t sell the show. But where she messed up was hiring/partnering with a production company to handle the business side of things. She should have used her own. Because when she did that, once they got fed up with her, they pushed her out the show and that’s why she wasn’t on the show the season before this last one. They brought her back because she had enough ammo to sue them and Bravo didn’t want those problems. This information was discussed when she was kicked off the show a season ago.

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