Marriage Over? Dr. Jackie’s Husband Curtis Spotted in Public with Another Woman

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

At the reunion for the latest season of “Married to Medicine,” it was clear that Dr. Jackie and Curtis’ marriage was in some serious trouble.

Now it’s possible that the marriage is done seeing as Curtis was reportedly seen in public with another woman.

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  1. Jackie was already talking like a divorce was happening at the reunion. She gave up on her marriage first because she never tried to spend more time with him.

    1. This I agree. Not many men want to spend time with women in the first place and here Jackie had a man that wanted to spend time with her. I think she resented him when he turned down the adoption. I’m glad he did because he would have been the momma and daddy being that Jackie spends all her time working. Although financially it would be good but the environment of Jackie not being able to give the child time would be bad. So like Jackie said…He deserves to be with someone who makes him happy.

      1. No, No, Don’t agree with Dr. Jackie didn’t want to spend time with her husband is not true. It all started to fall apart when CURTIS just dropped the bomb on Adoption. CURTIS never spoke to Dr.Jackie prior about how he changed his mind. The 1st time Dr. Jackie heard of it was in the gym CURTIS told her it cause he is getting OLDER. Dr. Jackie even replied to him with “You never told me this before”. CURTIS used the show to give all the impression that he was LONELY. This man is a H.S. basketball COACH, what the HELL was he doing after school let OUT. He could have MADE LOTS of time to spend with his WIFE.

        CURTIS wasn’t making any complaint when he was DRIVING around in his COLLECTABLE CARs, CURTIS wasn’t complaining when he was PLAYING 18 rounds of GOLF at the CLUB, membership FEES coming out of Dr. Jackie’s BANK ACCOUNT – You know DAME WELL A H.S. coach doesn’t make that kind of MONEY.

        WHY was he OLD when talking about ADOPTION. BUT at Greg’s birthday celebration when the girl came out to shake her ASS and OPEN HER LEG in front of the men, later CURTUS said “I’m NOT
        THAT OLD.

        Dr. Jackie was a GREAT WIFE to CURTIS, gave him everything to make him HAPPY and the only thing she asked for was to ADOPT a BABY. BUT NO CURTIS – did not want or CARED ENOUGH to make his wife HAPPY.

        That married was for CURTIS to get everything for HIM.
        Just like he said on the show “Is marriage about getting things” Well for CURTIS BERRY it was truly about getting things.

        Also it goes back to that MAN thing.
        SOME men can’t love another person child, so they wont do the ADOPTION THING.

    2. Curtis was jealous of her. I bet when she brought those paychecks home he had nothing to say. I knew there was another woman he was making his exit. Men do that to get out the marriage he should of came clean with her. A woman who gives so much lose herself her identity when she gives so much to keep a man. Jackie said he knew she was a hard worker when he met her. He’s a cheater cheater pumpkin eater By Felicia

  2. Wow. Well it just seemed like Jackie just wasn’t willing to give him what he wanted. Which is more time. But I think she started to resent him when he told her he didn’t want to adopt any kids. Jackie never got over that so if you ask me, the marriage ended then.

    1. Girl I agree. She was done with him when he refused to adopt kids. But she should have at least been real and told him that was the real issue. Then they didn’t have to waste so much more time with each other.

    2. She did give. He said No to children and adoption. He wanted the suburbs she wanted downtown condo living he said no. She is an OB GYN that is not a 9-5 job. Babies don’t come between 9-5. She’s on call the is in private practice

  3. I’ll go ahead and admit he looks happier with this woman than he’s ever looked with Jackie. That marriage been over.

  4. Yikes. Either he’s cheating or they broke up not too long after the reunion. But I did think it was telling that Jackie said she hopes he can find happiness with someone else if they don’t work out. Now everyone including Andy were telling her not to talk like that but it I think she came to the realization that they weren’t going to stay together. It’s sad but anytime one person in the marriage doesn’t want to change to make the marriage work, it’s just a matter of time before the other person stops trying.

    1. He was already out the door. I knew it. He married an OB GYN doctor. Now he can stop creeping and get out her life

  5. I think he probably cheated on her throughout the marriage. He seems like the type to hate that a woman makes more money. That’s just my impression of him tho.

  6. Curtis had her back when she had cancer twice! And all he wanted was for her to just give him more attention and more of her time. I just don’t understand Jackie. Your career should never come before your marriage.

  7. You never know what someone is going through so all of you need to stop judging Dr Jackie. She is a very strong woman and she will get through this as well.

  8. Curtis was an ahole. When you marry a person and know full well what their job is, can’t get mad later on. He married a doctor. Now it was no problem when it comes to spending the money and all that her salary provided (gym teachers don’t make any money). It just never seemed like Curtis was willing to budge on anything. Now when one person is always feeling like they’re bending over backwards while the other won’t, problems occur. This lady is doing Dr. Jackie a favor. As for this woman, I don’t know who in the world didn’t realize he was married….

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