Black Ink Crew Recap: Ceaser Turns Down Reconciliation with Dutchess + Nikki Explains Baby Registry

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew” came down to closure for Ceaser and Dutchess, however, the door has now been opened for more scrutiny of Nikki and Richard’s marriage.

Here’s a recap of “Miss Kitty, P.I.”

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    1. Agreed. She even said that he’s cheated on her in the past, so what is there to save? I don’t understand her reasoning.

  1. This is why you cut your exes off when it’s over. If you don’t, you’ll have a delusional moment and think you’re supposed to get back together.

  2. Someone is going to expose Nikki sooner or later because she is lying a lot. I don’t understand why she can’t just be honest about her past. If your marriage is so real, tell the truth.

  3. This episode was basically the transfer of power. On the last ep Dutchess had Cease so shook he didn’t even want to claim Tatu Baby. He wanted to talk to her bad but she had no time for him. It was beautiful. Now in this ep, the power shifted and Cease was the one who was over it. Dutchess should have kept it moving.

  4. Nikki is definitely lying. She is hiding her past or her current situation that is for sure.

    Here’s my thing with Dutchess, if someone cheats on you and you take him back, you are saying you are moving forward and leaving the past in the past. Dutchess play way too many games. She listens to too many people. She is too old to be running back and forth getting advice to determine what she should do. You know in your gut what is best for you. So for this episode, I am going to have to ride with Cease. She should have stayed and talked to him. She should not have taken action as she did. Talk then, determine where you are at within your relationship and if it ends, it ends but at least you can get the conversation you need from each other as opposed to everyone elses opinion.

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