Black Ink Crew Recap: Ceaser Turns Down Reconciliation with Dutchess + Nikki Explains Baby Registry

Melody finally arrive to Puerto Rico.

Melody, her baby daddy and their son arrive to Puerto Rico for their commitment ceremony.

While it’s not an official wedding, Melody is happy because she feels like it means they are moving forward as a family.

After letting Cease down at the tattoo convention, Teddy tries to redeem himself.

Teddy and the rest of the gang are searching for shops to temporarily work in to make up the money lost for the trip.

They finally find a shop owner who agrees to let them use his shop.

Cease arrives to the shop and he admits he is impressed by what the gang was able to do. However, he still needs to experience the rest of the trip before he decides the fate of 113th.

The gang throws a party with strippers to celebrate the money made at the pop up shop, and Nikki rubs people the wrong way.

“I’m all for people having a good time, but Nikki is supposed to be Richard’s sober coach. And it’s definitely not water in his cup.” – Cease

Not only is Nikki drinking quite a bit in front of Richard, but the group is bothered by the fact that she’s having such a good time with the dancers.

Kitt tells the group that she did some research and found a baby registry from 2014.

“She’s lying to all of us.” – Cease

Cease reaches out to Dutchess so they can meet up and hash out their issues.

Out of the respect for the five years they have been together, Dutchess agrees to meet Cease and talk.

He tells her that he’s upset that she left him and wouldn’t talk things out.

“You should have never left my side. You should have never believed a stranger.” Cease to Dutchess

“What’s not cool is you getting p*ssy pictures from those wack a*s b*tches.” – Dutchess to Cease

Dutchess tells Cease it was up to him to prove his innocence and comfort her and he never did, so she left.

She’s also upset because she doesn’t feel like he supports her enough and he barely came to her shop. But Cease says he couldn’t be around much because he had his own business to tend to.

Things get really heated and Dutchess walks away, once again upsetting Cease.

Cease has had enough of Nikki and Richard.

After Richard once again drinks alcohol during a boat ride, Cease is now ready to confront him and Nikki.

Melody catches up with Dutchess and invites her to the commitment ceremony.

Now that they are close, Melody wants Dutchess to attend her special night, but she’s not convinced she should go because she doesn’t want to see Cease.

“Tatu Baby is just a fling. I don’t think it’s over with you guys.” – Melody to Dutchess

Cease demands answers.

Cease tells Nikki and Richard about the rumors and he demands the truth.

“There’s a baby registry from two years ago when you had the same last name as the dude.” – Cease to Nikki

Nikki claims she’s never been married and she claims she only has one child.

“I don’t need to discuss anything.” – Nikki

Nikki walks off when the group continues to press her about the baby registry and possibly being previously married.

Richard is heated because he doesn’t think it’s ok for the group to grill her.

The gang celebrates Melody’s commitment ceremony.

Things get really awkward when Richard and Nikki show up however, things perk up after Cease confirms that he’s opening 113th back up.

“I’ll take the credit for opening 113th back up. You’re welcome everybody.” – Teddy

Richard reaches his breaking point.

Nikki confirms that she did start the baby registry but the child wasn’t hers and the child belongs to the man she was with at the time. When they were together, she wanted to raise the child as her own.

Cease brings up the fact that Richard has been drinking again, so he doesn’t think Nikki is really looking out for him.

“If you know me, then you would know she’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” – Richard to Cease

Nikki and Richard decide to leave.

Dutchess shows up to Melody’s commitment ceremony party to talk to Cease.

She congratulates Melody and swiftly asks Cease if they can talk in private.

“I really just came to talk to you.” – Dutchess

Dutchess reveals that she wants to try to make the relationship work, despite what went down.

“If we can save it, I wanna save it.” – Dutchess

Cease tells Dutch he loves her too but the relationship is past the point of being saved. He just can’t get over the fact that she took off and went back to North Carolina when everything began to fall apart.

Dutchess breaks down in tears and he hugs her to console her.

“I feel like a fool. I just feel hurt because I really love him.” – Dutchess


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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    1. Agreed. She even said that he’s cheated on her in the past, so what is there to save? I don’t understand her reasoning.

  1. This is why you cut your exes off when it’s over. If you don’t, you’ll have a delusional moment and think you’re supposed to get back together.

  2. Someone is going to expose Nikki sooner or later because she is lying a lot. I don’t understand why she can’t just be honest about her past. If your marriage is so real, tell the truth.

  3. This episode was basically the transfer of power. On the last ep Dutchess had Cease so shook he didn’t even want to claim Tatu Baby. He wanted to talk to her bad but she had no time for him. It was beautiful. Now in this ep, the power shifted and Cease was the one who was over it. Dutchess should have kept it moving.

  4. Nikki is definitely lying. She is hiding her past or her current situation that is for sure.

    Here’s my thing with Dutchess, if someone cheats on you and you take him back, you are saying you are moving forward and leaving the past in the past. Dutchess play way too many games. She listens to too many people. She is too old to be running back and forth getting advice to determine what she should do. You know in your gut what is best for you. So for this episode, I am going to have to ride with Cease. She should have stayed and talked to him. She should not have taken action as she did. Talk then, determine where you are at within your relationship and if it ends, it ends but at least you can get the conversation you need from each other as opposed to everyone elses opinion.

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