Lisa Nicole Cloud Fired from ‘Married to Medicine’?

Blogger “Straight from the A” is reporting Lisa Nicole did not quit, but was actually fired by the show’s producers. She was let go because apparently, she didn’t move the needle for “Married to Medicine” fans.

“Straight from the A” writes,

My sources tell me that the REAL REASON Lisa Nicole isn’t returning is because she was FIRED from the popular reality show, which began filming a few weeks ago.

I’d heard about them taping scenes around town for the new season, but honestly took it for granted that Lisa was in attendance… I’ve since found out that she was not there and it’s not because she quit.

Many of the cast members received their contracts a little over a month ago, so I find it odd that Lisa would announce that she “quit” weeks AFTER contract negotiations.

Word on the curb is that when cast and crew got together for their annual pre-season celebration, Lisa was nowhere to be found. There were also several inquiries regarding Lisa Nicole’s absence, but I heard that producers responded to questions with ‘Lisa who?”

Lisa didn’t get offered a full-time contract but she may have gotten offered some type of b-character position (hence her statement about appearing for cameos), which would have been a slap in the face. Kind of like having your ‘peach’ snatched as a ‘housewife… but I digress.

Whatever the case, it was NOT Lisa’s decision to leave the show.

Whatever really happened behind the scenes of “Married to Medicine,” Lisa Nicole is not fretting. She is currently on a family trip:

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  1. I think she was fired too. It got to the point that none of the other women really wanted to be around her. Usually when that happens, the network will step in and remove that person.

  2. Whether she was fired or not, time away from the show is what she needs. She needs to step away and work on her marriage. It’s a big mess and the last thing they need to do right now is have a baby.

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