Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Are Not Officially Divorced

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Cynthia Bailey claimed that her divorce from Peter Thomas is now final.

However, her attorney tells the AJC that it isn’t official just yet.

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  1. Everybody lying but nobody calling Cynthia out about her lying? Kenya real quick to call Phaedra out but not Cynthia. The hypocrisy is real. Should be call the Real housewives of Hypocrisy.

    1. Court papers show that Cynthia actually filed last week after the reunion. But crater-faced, miserable a-s Kenya would never call that boring b-tch out.

  2. So I wonder if people will call Cynthia a fraud and liar the way they did Phaedra? Probably not.

  3. So Cynthia and Peter basically did the same thing Phaedra did but I’m sure no one will call them out about it.

  4. Now when it came out that Phaedra and Apollo were married, everyone including Kenya was quick to call her a fraud and a compulsive liar. Cynthia turns around and does the exact same thing, and there won’t be not one peep about it. It probably won’t even be brought up at the reunion.

    1. And we clearly heard Phaedra’s attorney tell her the divorce was final. She didn’t mislead Apollo, I’m putting all this on her divorce lawyer. Cynthia and Peter however was just a straight up fraud situation.

  5. I’m sure her and Peter lied for storyline reasons but because they aren’t Phaedra, they won’t get called out about it like I’m sure Phaedra did at the reunion. I completely agree that this season has been full of hypocrisy.

  6. I’m laughing because Cynthia really did try to call Phaedra out last night on the episode about this but turns out she’s doing the exact same thing. These women are a trip.

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