Dr. Heavenly Calls Mariah Huq Out for Shady Contract + Denies Being Lowest Paid Cast Member

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dr. Heavenly Kimes has responded to Mariah Huq referring to her as the lowest paid cast member on “Married to Medicine.”

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  1. Like Mariah or not, Heavenly needs to remember she wouldn’t be on TV if it wasn’t for her. So when she tries to throw shade at her, it just makes me roll my eyes. You’re so much smarter than her, ok but why didn’t you come up with this platform?

  2. Sigh…whatever. Honestly, I feel like Heavenly is the most annoying person on the show. She’s very childish and her scenes are usually cringe worthy.

  3. So is this why she’s so obsessed by Mariah? I couldn’t understand why she kept coming for her at the reunion while Quad silently enjoyed every second of it. Heavenly needs to ask herself how long she plans on being Quad’s attack dog. She’s bragging about how she was able to prevent Mariah from pimping her just to turn around and get pimped out by Quad. Girl bye.

  4. Her and her yo momma comebacks can exit right behind Lisa as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure why Lisa was fired and she wasn’t.

    1. I agree 100 percent for Heavenly claims to be such a professional but her behavior is the worst on the show. Quad is just phony and Faky. Mariah wants to be the boss and call the shots and want them to act like puppets. These three need to check themselves before they talk about the other. Their behavior is just embarrassing to African professionals. Heavenly really needs counseling. Anytime your child can call out your bad, demeaning behavior, it is time to look in the mirror at yourself. She calls ppl b-tches, tells them they r beneath her, constantly saying “your moma”. She is the main one causing shadiness on TV. This is just not a good look and it is not acceptable behavior

  5. I could have sworn Heavenly had a brief appearance on the first season. In fact I’m sure she did. So it seems like to me Mariah’s story is more credible and Bravo really didn’t want Heavenly for the first season. I remember her being much bigger then too.

    1. She sure did. She was at the party where Mariah and Toya had the fight. The funny thing is she came as Mariah’s guest.

    2. No she walked away that’s why they brung Keri in. If the producers didn’t want her then she wouldn’t be on for a second season, just a friend of the housewife. Think Marlo and Maja Sly.. Maja Sly was supposed to be on the real housewives of ATL and Then married to medicine but Maja and her Dr husband divorced. I do agree Mariah gave Heavenly this platform, but Heavenly OWNS her shopS while Mariah husband is still an ER doctor.. Mariah has this negative energy and it’s like bow down and she doesn’t want to realize she’s not in power anymore. And of course Mariah sold the show, her name APPEARS no where is the credit nor does her production company logo like it did in the first season.

  6. Why do people like Heavenly but hate Mariah and vice versa? They are a lot alike. Both hit below the belt all the time and mix truth with lies.

    1. Heavenly is too nasty to tell Mariah to clean her office. Maybe Heavenly should have some work done on her lip while her office is being cleaned because her bottom lip sticks out like a diving board.

  7. I couldn’t even click on the videos because she is soooo annoying I can’t even hear her voice right now. Lets say she is telling the truth if she came in second season along with Lisa then she would still be considered the lowest paid cast member if they go by how long u been there. and like you guys said she did appear on the first season and she was much bigger and so was quad. Maybe she just came as a guess and wasn’t being paid at the time who knows but she definitely appeared on the first season. She just seems like such a miserable soul and her own daughter finds her annoying at times, I think the women of the show is just jealous of Mariah cuz for one she created the show and two she seems to have the strongest marriage out of the entire cast.

  8. Quad is out to get Mariah and the other ladies need to stop taking Quad’s side and let Mariah and Quad take care of their problems. They are such bullies to gang up on Mariah and Dr Jackie to go along with such crazy mess. I think that Dr Jackie is sly, shame on you Jackie and the others. Quad your day is around the corner.

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