Yandy Regrets Actions Towards Erika and Samantha on LHHNY

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The most recent season of “Love and Hip Hop New York” has been a very dramatic one for Yandy Smith.

But she admits that she does regret a lot of her actions now that the dust has settled.

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  1. Nothing but damage control. She knows last season was a bad look for her brand but I seriously doubt she regrets anything. She’s always been a liar and passive aggressive, nasty person since her first season.

  2. Oh please, people kill me with this. Acting a damn fool and showing us who you really are and then after you get dragged to hell for it, then you want to talk about regrets and “growth” and being a better example. It’s like a damn script.

  3. Yandy and her “huzzband” slandered Erika and Samantha all season. If she didn’t get dragged for it, she wouldn’t have said this.

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