Kandi Burrus to Countersue Disgruntled Former Employee Johnnie Winston

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: AJ Niles

Kandi Burrus, furious with former employee Johnnie Winston, is planning to countersue.

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  1. So we’re supposed to forget the fact that Kandi and Todd were sued by the contractors they hired for OLG because they were writing fraudulent checks? LOL.

    1. He filed last year and as usual Kandi waited till tell show aired, got some support on her side and then decided to countersue. It’s like she can’t do sh-t without backup of some sort.

  2. I don’t think he was doing all this for camera time. That doesn’t even make sense. I believe he really thinks he wasn’t paid properly.

  3. If anybody should be suing it should be Phaedra suing Mama Joyce for defamation and trying to get more camera time off her name. The mere fact that she tried questioning Phaedra’s lawyer about her divorce, and then announced to the world that Phaedra should be in a jail cell next to Apollo should be enough to get her bitter a-s sued.

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