Power Season 4 Tea: Naturi Naughton Confirms Tasha Gets a New Love Interest

Season three of “Power” caused a lot of back and forth on social media between Team Tasha and Team Angie, and it’s all because Ghost ended up sleeping with Tasha again, after his split from Angie.

Creator Courtney Kemp said she was open to Tasha having a new love interest in season four, and now Naturi confirms that Tasha will indeed have a new boo in the upcoming season.

During her latest appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” the pregnant actress revealed that it wasn’t easy to film a passionate scene while hiding her baby bump, but things did work out.

She says:

“We just wrapped up season four and you know, of course I was expecting but being in s*x scenes is already awkward, and you know this year Tasha has an interesting love interest and I just I think when you see it, you’re not going to know that the bump was even in play at that time.”

Interestingly enough, Tasha won’t be the only one with a new boo either. As we told you months ago, rumor has it Keisha (La La Anthony) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) will be a couple in season four.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Good! I hated the fact that she slept with Ghost again and she knows damn well he’s in love with Angie. I want her character to win and stop being so weak for a man who doesn’t love her.

  2. I dont like Tasha because she encourages ghost to sell drugs instead of going straight like he wants to do.
    I don’t like Angela either shes annoying and looks like a mouse, Im ready for her to go! Now Tommy and Keisha? Idk bout that…Its been said he is into red head white girls so this seem kinda forced to me. Besides Tommy is wayyy to crazy for her.

    1. Agreed Angie needs to go! Even though Tashkent wants him back in the game they are a power couple and feeds off each other power! Angela is unattractive and shapeless so Ghost needs Tashkent back or a better love interest

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