Loni Love Confirms Being Messy in K Michelle Situation?

Photo Credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day K Michelle and “The Real” co-host Loni Love exchanged some words on Twitter.

Now Loni is addressing the situation on the daytime talk show.

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  1. I said from jump that Loni was just trying to get that flop talk show some ratings and she confirmed it. K needs to be smarter and stop allowing people to use her for publicity. She took the bait like an idiot.

    1. And that’s real. People are going to try you but you don’t have to give them a reaction. K needs to smarten up for her own sanity.

    1. They pretended they didn’t know. K does way too much though but I peeped what Loni was doing from the get go. She’s no victim. She’s just as messy as K but continues to slither away unnoticed because she’s a “comedian”.

  2. Yet so many people dragged K and said Loni wasn’t trying to be messy when she said Keyshia Cole. Whatever.

  3. Loni is very passive aggressive. She does her dirt but will act like she wasn’t being shady at all. This is why I do believe she had something to do with Tamar being fired. She acts just like those passive aggressive white women who smile in your face and go behind your back and try to get you fired. I don’t like her.

  4. I think anyone with common sense who doesn’t have a bias against K Michelle knew this already. This is why K would have been better off not saying anything. Loni works in radio. She knows who K is and what happened. It was a hot topic everywhere. People call her Keyshia Cole to be shady and it’s very tired shade honestly.

  5. Very interesting and Loni you call yourself Soror to K . Michelle ? Loni you were dead wrong for this one !!

  6. Very messy. But I’m not surprised at all. So the next time K drags her, I don’t want to see a whole bunch of people caping for Loni again. She’s messy and deserved the dragging she got.

  7. lmao i think people were defending loni cause k dragged her about her weight..that’s a sensitive subject for a lot of people

  8. Loni Hog is so two faced. I si mply cant stand her. Between Loni and Jeannie, I quit watching The Real. And whats with her thinking she looks good.

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