Moniece Slaughter Calls Brandi Boyd & Husband Max Broke + Brandi Claps Back

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By: AJ Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s” Moniece Slaughter threw more shade at former cast member Brandi Boyd and husband Max. However, Brandi wasn’t here for it and she responded.

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    1. Exactly. She’s always in someone else business but has every excuse in the world for why she barely sees her own child.

  1. Moniece needs to shut her deadbeat a-s up. I’d rather be broke than not give a f-ck about my kids. Brandi over her any day.

  2. I don’t like Milan but I agree with what he said. Too many of these reality stars don’t understand that it’s not supposed to be a longterm career. You have to be smart and stack your money while you still have the opportunity. Because when it’s over, it’s over and it’s real easy for them to go broke. But I do believe Brandi will be ok. Now Moniece on the other hand, this is all she has. She doesn’t think she can ever get fired but life has a way of humbling us. What will she do when the network finds a new her? You can literally go on the street and find ten Monieces within the first hour. She’s got a really big head now.

    1. Yup I had told my friend that, Moneice has been on there for three seasons and she’s only released ONE song she’s not bringing anything to the cast. I heard Moneice had gotten fired anyway.

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