Watch: Kandi Burrus and Porsha Williams Break Down in Tears Backstage

Bravo released another sneak peek into the chaos that ensues during the forth part of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion. As recapped earlier, Porsha revealed that Phaedra told her Kandi and Todd wanted to drug her.

As a result,  most of the women stormed off the set.

Kandi cries backstage, and talks angrily with her husband, Todd. She says:

“If I were to punch them hoes in their motherf*****g face… Then they’ll say I’m wrong.”

Then Porsha gets emotional and calls for her sister Lauren.

Check out the preview below.

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  1. Kandi should really stop all the crying she does and actually go through with all these threats she’s always making. Go ahead and punch Porsha Kandi. We’re just sick of all the talking and crying you do every season.

    1. Agreed. It’s gotten so old now. By now we all know that Kandi isn’t going to do anything and never will. There’s no need for all the dramatics.

  2. Every season, Kandi is calm when she’s one or one with people, but then gets hype and cries and make threats when her family and security is around. It makes me question if she’s really about that life. I doubt she is.

  3. So overdramtic. I have to say this reunion has been a snore. Dragging it out four parts was absolutely unnecessary.

  4. But Kim pocketed all your money and you ain’t do ish then either. I’m sorry but I’m not feeling sorry for her this time.

  5. Kandi, you aren’t going to punch anyone in the face. Just stop. Anyway, Porsha is doing the most too. She knows good and well she didn’t have to run around repeating info she got from Phaedra. She’s acting like she’s the victim in all of this but she’s not.

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