K Michelle Gets Real About Plastic Surgery

In an interview with XO Necole, K Michelle addressed her addiction to plastic surgery and got real about why she felt she had to keep going under the knife.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Not one to shy away from her body-altering surgeries, everything isn’t meant to last: “Now I’m removing my butt. I just want the natural Kimberly again.” Digging to the real reason why she even wanted to change her body was a newfound revelation, something she encourages any other woman considering surgery.

“I remember looking at the beautiful models [on Instagram] and thought how I didn’t look like them at all and I thought they were naturally born like that! I picked on everything on my body; teeth, waist, breasts, bottom, but I still was looking at this hurt person.”

“When you’re on Instagram, that’s not real life. Get to the core of what’s making them have low self-esteem,” K advised. “What happened in your life that made you feel that way? For me, it was a lack of love for myself from men and it made me feel worthless and you got to get a grip on you. If you want a new butt, get that, but take it from me, don’t get so depressed and feel as if you’re not worthy because we’re all here for a reason. But you have to determine why. Why do you want that? I know I did and it wasn’t for the right reason.”

In related news, K continues to do very big things. Yesterday, her very first restuarnt, “Puff & Petals Lounge” opened up in Atlanta. Congrats to K:

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  1. Well it’s a good thing that she can now recognize why she got so much work done. A lot of people like to be delusional and pretend completely morphing into a different person doesn’t mean they don’t like themselves.

  2. I cant with her, tomorrow she’ll be calling somebody black and ugly and possibly bringing down someone else self esteem

  3. K girl I’m very PROUD of you. Your music has helped me and others on so many different levels. I’m so delighted to see your being real with yourself and continuing to help others in positive ways!! Follow through on what you say and you will continue to be BLESSED!

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