Kenya Moore Checks Critic for Claiming She Had No Storyline in Season Nine

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” just wrapped up an explosive ninth season, and for the first time in a long time, Kenya Moore wasn’t the focus of the drama.

However, she wants folks to know that she’s a big reason the ratings were strong.

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  1. She did but it was boring. Kenya’s fake relationships just aren’t interesting anymore. It’s expected of her by now.

  2. Actually, the highest rated episode outside of the reunion is the episode where Sheree’s son was arrested and Phaedra received that bomb threat. Kenya’s fake relationship was a footnote in that episode. LOL.

    1. Exactly. You can tell Bravo didn’t send out those contracts yet. That’s why everyone is so shook right now and trying to prove their worth. You have NeNe out here trying to remind people that she’s the boss, Kenya throwing stale shade at NeNe again and lying about spiking the ratings, and Porsha still playing victim when she knows damn well she has blame in the mess with Phaedra. Oh and Kandi is out here doing interviews left and right about how she’s such an innocent victim and pushing for Phaedra to be fired. They are all tired and the show really needs some brand new people.

      1. I think the Entire cast needs to be scrapped and replaced. Didn’t they do that to another franchise b4?

  3. Kenya always takes all the credit for the ratings like she’s the only one on the show. She shared that episode with multiple people and honestly if people really cared about Matt, she would have been sitting next to Andy. No one cared and that’s why she really wants Phaedra and Porsha off the show. They make it easy to forget she’s even on there.

  4. The delusion is real. Most people outside of Kenya’s delusional stans can agree she really brought nothing to the show this season. She knows it too and that’s why she got so defensive about this tweet. Truth hurts.

  5. Her entire storyline had to do with Matt yet he wasn’t even at the reunion to remind us that she wasn’t anything more than just a seat filler.

  6. Kenya needs a spin off show called”Twirl The He’ll on out of Here!! What ratings? Even her dogs are coupled up while she’s walking around in Moore Manners lonely. Get off this coupled show and join the lonely Club non-factor erelevent channel 0 cas aint nobody watching your boring a-“

  7. Bravo should have never accommodated Kenya and her failed storylines. Contrary to popular opinion, she helped lower the tone of RHOA. Is she still trying to have a baby, or nah?

  8. Kenya has the to be one of the most delusional people on the show. If not, she’s a very good troll.

  9. When your exes go on to have real relationships and marriages but you’re still faking the funk to stay on a reality show…

  10. She’s always been boring to me. I don’t get the hype. Everything about her is fake and not interesting.

  11. Kenya brings adversity all the time. She is forever putting the others down when she has to pay men to date her. Everything is manufactured
    She feels that she is better than the other cast mates and it shows. She is just so rude. She is constantly over talking everybody, always trying to be relevant. Kenya’s character is not needed for she brings nothing but constant arguing. If this is the way black women act, Bravo needs to revamp or cancel. We r just tired of the foolishness.

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