BFV Recap: The Sisters Confront Michael and Miss Wanda

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values,” the sisters finally confronted Michael and his wife Wanda.

And to no one’s surprise, it was a very emotional and explosive encounter.

Here’s a recap of “The Other Mrs. Braxton.”

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  1. Michael has a lot of nerve trying to make it seem like Evelyn is the issue here. No he and Wanda are the ones that caused all of these issues. Their selfish actions have affected so many people.

  2. Lastnight was hard to watch. I found it so sad that he didnt care that he ruined his family by sleeping with that woman. He seems like he love Ms. Wanda more than his own children. I think it was very disrepectful to have her on that trip with him knowing hos ex wife would be there.

    1. This. He really doesn’t seem to feel bad at all about anything. He thinks Evelyn is the problem. :-/

  3. I feel really bad for the family but Micheal and Wanda are full of sh-t. They don’t really care about all the pain they have caused the family. They only care about themselves.

  4. Michael and Wanda need to be dragged. Hopeful Evelyn will come through and do just that next week.

  5. This is a very emotional situation. But I felt really bad for Trina. Him not showing up to her wedding cut very deep. And now that she knows it wasn’t Wanda’s doing, it’s got to hurt even more now.

  6. This was the time for the girls to be real with Michael and his chick this woman was sleeping with their father for years while he was married to their mom and they were growing up. Michael is a dirty old man an old school pimp daddy that dont give a sh-t about anybody but himself. He didn’t get up and hug his daughters but I bet when it’s time to get money from their success his hand be stuck out palm up!!

  7. That dinner scene was definitely hard to watch. I couldn’t stop crying because I genuinely felt their pain, especially Trina’s. Michael just wasn’t getting it and that would’ve made me lose it because he really didn’t seem to understand how deep his actions has hurt them.

  8. I’m glad his daughters had the opportunity to speak w/ them. It was long overdue. There were misunderstandings that needed to be cleared up. As a daughter I understand how they felt protective of their mother’s feelings. However, despite his mistake; I understood how Michael felt too. He probably didn’t know how to respond to his daughters not wanting his wife, whom he loved and cared about, to be included. Loving both his children and his wife, he may have felt caught between either disappointing his girls or his new wife. I truly felt for Ms. Wanda bc if what she says is true, she didn’t want to come between them and their father and felt awful for breaking up their family. I hope they can move pass that hurt some day. Maybe family counseling would help them to resolve their hurt feelings.

  9. If she didn’t want to come between a man, wife and children you don’t befried, sleep with or take in someone else’s husband period. A descent woman want even give a married man the time of day. She knew what she was doing and didn’t give a darn what position that family would be in. What she thought he would sleep with her for 9yrs while having a family that needed and loved him @ home then marry the man and she will be met with open arms. Oh thanks Ms. Wanda for taking my dad away from my mom and us. Thanks dad for being the slimmy womanizer that interupted my growth, family life and possible future relationships. Yeah thanks Michael and Wanda you didn’t want to cause any hurt to anybody!!!

  10. Watching this episode for the first time a year later and I don’t know how to react. First I’ll say that Tamar and I have very similar sensibilities. Loyalty matters a lot to me and I understand the betrayal she felt. They seemed to ignore the fact that Ms E had said Wanda was one of many women. Very disappointed in him. And if I was his chi@d I’d realistically never forgive him, at @east not until he div9rced her too. I don’t think he deserves happiness. That’s that only child youngest child mentality I guess. The less petty side of me does feel for him and Wanda. She seems sweet though she’s an adulteress

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