Tara Wallace Defends Her Actions + Says Women Need to Accept That Men Cheat

Tara Wallace is known for being in a long and drawn out love triangle with LHHNY co-stars Peter Guns and Amina Butterfly. Many fans criticize all of them for their behavior on a regular, specifically with Amina and Tara for dealing with Peter, bringing numerous kids into the world.

Well on Instagram Live recently, Tara decided to check the women who keep criticizing her for dealing with Peter.

Apparently in Tara’s eyes, all men cheat so women need to stop criticizing her life:

Men cheat. That’s what it is. I want women to stop living like they want it to be, expect it to be and start living like it really is. In real life, men cheat. That’s what it is, so stop it. Stop talking nonsense. Stop wasting your energy on nonsense when at the end of the day, men cheat…

Check out the video below.

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  1. And this is why Tara had babies with the bottom of the barrel. She believes that there aren’t decent men out there, so women have to settle like she did. But she’s sadly mistaken. All men don’t cheat and all women ain’t desperate. Had she used all that college education then just maybe, she’d make better decisions outside of books.

  2. Yes, some men cheat. Some women cheat. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with the Peters of the world boo. Do better.

  3. People will do you how you allow them to do you
    If you except bull#%%%^ then that’s what you will receive Tara. Nobody wants anybody who has NO self RESPECT. Find yourself 1st then and only then you will find someone worth having!!

  4. If you stay with a man that cheats and ur damn near 40, he needs to be worth at least a mil.. he’ll in ny 5 mil.. she too damn old to be running around like that, she’s about to have to draw Social SECURITY soon and peter already probably gets it.

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