Malaysia Pargo Wants You to Know…

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Evelyn Lozada may be responsible for BBW’s spike in ratings, but Malaysia Pargo wants folks to know she and Brandi Maxiell are the real gems.

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  1. That person on Twitter must be on that good sh-t. Malaysia and Brandi are boring. I’d take Evelyn and Tami over them anyday.

    1. The only reason Evelyn and Tami make the show is the fights that’s all they got the ratings are only for the fights the arguments Tami and Evelyn are both old and out dated they both have to give a preformacne of a lifetime just to keep ratings it’s sad how some sell there souls for a paycheck if paid enough I would

  2. Absolutely NOT!! Brandi is just completely boring, So Malaysia must be smoking. When we barely know anything about her. She need to drop Brandi and join the winning team team Tami & Evelyn all day!!!!!

  3. I knew this was gonna happen..s**t had to die down then they were bringing the ild crew back..brandi and malaysia are boring to death…they were used as filters until the real og’s took a break and calmed down…notice they bringing them all back…royce and suzie next to come back…#replacement filters

  4. Tami and Ev are boring and bad for advertisment which is why the first one was canceled. No one wants to watch two 50 year olds fighting. And at least Brandi and Malaysia were wives longer than 4 years and 4 hrs lol

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