After Exposing Tommie Lee, Karen King is Not Invited to LHHATL Reunion

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

It’s looks as if Karen King’s recent spat with Tommie Lee will cost her big time.

According to KK, LHHATL producers decided it was too much for the upcoming reunion.

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  1. Hmm so this is why Tommie pretended to quit. She wanted the producers to punish KK. It’s hilarious how she tried to call Joseline out about the same stuff she’s doing now.

  2. Tommie probably threatened to not show up so they would ban KK. But if true, it just makes what Karen said seem more credible.

  3. Tommie is wack if she’s responsible for this. She’s the same chick that said Joseline was scary for getting a restraining order on her but she doesn’t want to face Karen at the reunion? Hypocrite.

  4. So why watch? They should both be there to address what happened. This show is starting to suck badly.

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