Tommie Lee Speaks Out After Losing Boxing Match to Natalie Nunn

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Tommie Lee has been caught up in drama on “Baddies West.”

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Tommie Lee had a controversial departure from the show. As we reported, her feud with Joseline Hernandez took a turn. Tommie was arrested after Joseline accused her of attempting to run her over while she was pregnant. Tommie didn’t like that Joseline involved the police. In fact, this is something that she hasn’t been able to move on from. In fact, when Tomie appeared on “The Conversation” with Akbar V, her feud with Joseline came up. Someone played one of Joseline’s songs, and Tommie went off. Interestingly enough, Tommie expanded her relationship with Zeus Network as she’s appearing on the current season of “Baddies West.”

It didn’t take long for Tommie to have drama on “Baddies West.” Stunna Girl beef with Tommie when she saw her at the cast photoshoot. Stunna didn’t like how things unfolded at the auditions. After she clashed with Sukihana, Stunna says Tommie tried to attack her from behind. So she attacked Tommie as soon as she saw her at the shoot.

Stunna received some backlash from fans. They accused her of sneaking Tommie. However, Stunna feels like Tommie tried to sneak her at the “Baddies West” auditions.

Natalie Nunn defeated Tommie Lee in their boxing match.

The drama didn’t stop there though. Tommie has been clashing with her other “Baddies West” costars. Rollie Pollie called her out for getting the other women in hairy situations when they go out. And she also accused Tommie of having a serious drug problem.

Well, Tommie isn’t on the best terms with Natalie Nunn either. Both women agreed to a boxing match via Zeus Network. But before the match even took place, Tommie put her hands on Natalie. She later hopped on Twitter to allege that Natalie crossed her. And she’s done with Zeus Network.

Natalie and Tommie’s boxing match went down on Zeus Network hours ago. Tommie told her fans ahead of time that she planned to give her all. However, she still came up short as Natalie was declared the official winner by the end of the match.

As for Tommie, she doesn’t seem to be too disappointed about Natalie winning. She took to Instagram Story to joke about having a rematch.


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You can check out clips of the match and Natalie’s victory here.


  1. All that bark and that weak a** bite. 🤦🏽‍♀️😄 Got her a** handed to her by OG Natalie! 💪🏾😎🤣 She gonna have to eat this “L.” 😌

  2. I never thought Tommie could actually fight (most of those Love & Hip Hop girls can’t). But I’m still surprised by this outcome. Weird.

    1. I felt the same way until I saw the way Natalie clocked Tommie before the match. Street fighting and boxing are very different.

  3. Tommie acted like she was high. I am not surprised at Natalie Nunn won the Bad Girls actually fought and didn’t have security to keep them separate. Them Love and Hip-hop people just yell, scream and leap at each other never touching. They be waiting for security to break it up. Everyone once in while someone gets in a sneak lick. They are fighters in their lyrics.

  4. Both ladies did good and mainly collected a bag JUST TO FIGHT. I would fall out and let her win too if I was getting over 6 figures. It’s better than being on shows like love and hip hop fighting for FREE. 😭😆😆Which is why Tommy was like lets do it again for another bag. LoL. These fights happen ALL the time and pay participates handsomely! All they had to do was hype things up and do as instructed to collect a big payday. Look, recession and inflation is real, Do you boo! Folks favorite boxer said they do the same, and they don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. I am willing to bet Tommy and Natalie don’t care, was all in to ensure they would get nice bag in the process😂😂. I love to see the hustle!💯💯😤

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