Was Mariah Huq Right? Reco Chapple Puts Quad Webb-Lunceford on Blast

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The ladies of “Married to Medicine” have started filming for season five, and it’s already been confirmed that Lisa Nicole Cloud is out.

Mariah Huq didn’t get a pink slip, however, the ladies have been cold towards her and not including her when it’s time to film.

Interestingly enough, Mariah’s former nemesis Rico Chapple says that it turns out that Mariah may have been spot on about Quad.

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  1. This is what Quad does. Like Phaedra, she uses people to get to Mariah and she won’t be happy until no one in Atlanta talks to Mariah. It amazes me how more people haven’t caught on to her ways by now. She’s very manipulative, and has a lot in common with Phaedra.

    1. Mariah is up front. If Quad turn her back on Mariah, You didn’t stand a chance. I look at how the treat their old friends and I see them for what they are. Messy. You can love them, but see them for who they are. As far Phaedra goes , you got admit, she is smart enough not to answer and keep it moving. You guys need to stop answering to every name you are given. Know your worth. That will cut some this foolishness down.

  2. I’m not surprised. I peeped how Quad was from the get go. She’s very vindictive but loves to play the victim.

  3. I believe him. But at the time, Mariah tried to tell him what Quad’s intentions were but he didn’t want to listen. Now I know Mariah’s shade cuts to the core, but I think Quad is very phony and spiteful. And now she has the whole cast against Mariah. I really can’t wait until she gets her karma.

  4. Dang Quad basically threw him in the trash after he turned on Mariah. He was no longer of use I guess.

  5. It’s crazy that she’s been basically doing the same thing since the second season. Think about how many Reco Chapple’s Quad has had. Now Heavenly is her current puppet. Funny how they accused Lisa of being Mariah’s puppet but no one has caught on to Quad yet.

  6. Reco Chappele Brand is cheap is as hell and the thing is he doesn’t want to upgrade. His stuff is still 2014 and materials all come from AliExpress and China. At the end of the day in the entertainment business you upgrade, Reco is still doing the same things living in the same spot and running in the same circles.

  7. Wow I forgot about this dude. It’s messed up how Quad did him though. She used him and that’s not cool.

  8. Quad has some nerve saying anything is too cheap for her brand with all those cheap a-s lace fronts she stay rocking. She needs to humble herself.

    1. Quad is a stupid little girl,her head is too big, please don’t think that she is the sister to the Koach brothers because she she is not and the nerve to leave $50.00 at the door for Mariah was just her being a birt ball, she just might need it for herself. Quad need to fix her wig, looking like the joker, the evil joker and not to invite Mariah to any socials, I don’t see anything special about some of their socials and bully heavenly cannot use untinuals properly. Quad and Heavenly are pitiful and don’t know it. Soooooo bad

    1. I can’t wait for Quad to get it. I can’t stand that b**ch. She going to take her hubby to the bank.she is a no good hustler trick. Use people and throw them away until she gets what she wants.

  9. That ugly ads wedding dress he made for kandi and delivered in a trash bag. His shut is cheap and out dated. Rocco sit your ads down. People have they own life to live and can’t walk around holding your hand.

  10. Quad is trash for this. You don’t use someone like that and then turn around and talk bad about them. And what brand does she have by the way besides being a fraud? I guess you can’t take the gutter out of everybody. Mariah should have never put her on.

  11. Well you reap what you sow. He showed out on TV and got his karma. Quad will get hers too one day.

  12. Why can’t the ladies stop trying to push others off the show, they all bring their own drama. The ones that make the best drama makes the ratings which help everyone. Ladies start thinking.

  13. I can’t wait for Quad to get it. I can’t stand that b**ch. She going to take her hubby to the bank.she is a no good hustler trick. Use people and throw them away until she gets what she wants.

  14. I can’t stand quiet she’s going to get hers she probably can’t have a damn baby they need to have her baby making machine checked out

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