‘Fix My Life’ Recap: Pulse Massacre Victim Tiara’s Family Blames Her for Cousin’s Death

Iyanla Sat down with six survivors from the Pulse Nightclub Shooting that occurred in Orlando, Florida June 12th, 2016.

Iyanla is only able to meet with six of them due to most not wanting to come forward for numerous reasons.

The names of the six survivors are as follows:

Chris, 25: He was shot 5 times but survived. However, he is suffering from bouts of depression.

Richard, 30: His best friend died in the shooting. He did not give himself time to grieve from the shooting and began to suffer from PTSD a few months after the shooting.

Tiara, 21: She blames herself for her cousin dying in the shooting.

Patience, 20: Hasn’t heard from her mother since the shooting happened.

Christopher, 32: He isn’t feeling safe anywhere he goes.

Orlando: He feels he survived so he could be a voice for the 49 that perished in the shooting.

Iyanla has her first meeting with the survivors.

Iyanla is sitting down with all six of the survivors just eight months after the shooting occurred. She first asks each one how they are. When Chris says he feels good, Iyanla tells him that she “also wants him to heal.”

Christopher says he wants to spread a message of love, not hate. “Ive been spit at. I’ve been videotaped and taunted.”

He mentions that he’s done numerous news interviews about the incident to keep telling the story.

Orlando says he helped promote the party at Pulse.

Tiana says she tries to keep herself busy from thinking about the event. She was there with her cousin Akyra and Patience. She says that Akyra got out of the club but went back to get her. All three of them ended up in a bathroom where the gunman shot numerous victims. Tiana was shot in her side while while Patience was shot in both legs.

Brandon said his family stood behind him after he came out being a gay man as a result of the shooting. He felt it was time to stop being in denial.

When Iyanla brings up their survivor’s guilt, Tiana begins to cry. She feels like her decisions made during that shooting led to Akyra being killed.

At the end of their first meeting, Iyanla invites them to return to Pulse.

Iyanla has a one on one sit down with Patience.

Afterwards, we see Patience with Iyanla’s associate Dinora Nieves, Ph. D. Aka Dr. Dee speak to her about how she is feeling. Patience is being kept emotionally by Dr. Dee and Iyanla as she reveals she feels unwanted after the shooting. They tell patience, “It’s not about being selfish. It’s about taking care of yourself. You cannot show up for other people if you can’t show up for you.”

Patience revealed she was never close with her family and they weren’t there for support. In fact, Patience tells Iyanla no one knows where her mother is. She doesn’t know if she is dead or alive. She’s been suppressing this because she feels she had to be there for Tiara and Tiana’s cousin. She feels selfish if she grieves about her pain instead of helping Tiara.

Iyanla tells Patience, “A piece of you died in that bathroom too.”

Iyana talks to Tiara and she reveals that Akyra’s parents blame her for their daughter’s death.

Iyanla next talks to Tiara and her mom Celeste. Celeste reveals it’s hard to see her daughter go through this. She also tells Tiara she hasn’t seen her sit down and fully grieve.

She reiterates to Iyanla that Akyra and Patience went back into the bathroom to get Tiara. Tiara’s uncle, Akyra’s father, blames her for his daughter’s death. His wife also feels like Tiara is to blame since Akyra went back in the club to find her despite being able to escape earlier in the night.

Iyanla assures Tiara that she is not to blame for her death, regardless of how she feels. She also tells Tiara she doesn’t know what would’ve happen if she got out of that bathroom. Due to this incident, their family has been split, Celeste reveals.

“You’re not the reason she’s dead. You didn’t kill her.” -Iyanla

Iyanla tells Celeste and Tiara to forgive their family for blaming her and to forgive herself for thinking she could’ve prevented her cousin’s death.

Chris worries Iyanla.

Iyanla next meets with Chris. She reveals that he needs to let go of his pain before it explodes in a negative way. Chris has numerous scars and stitches going up his entire leg.

Iyanla feels that he is still stuck in Pulse. She tells Chris that he needs to find someone to talk about those events, despite him saying, “I don’t feel that I need it.”

Chris tells Iyanla he is surprised he even survived his injuries and Iyanla consoles him. Chris didn’t give himself time to emotionally heal when he left the hospital and went back to work while using a walker. Iyanla tells him he does need time to heal.

“What I see is dangerous.” -Iyanla

Chris is open to getting help and support.

Iyanla helps Christopher and Orlando find themselves.

Next, she sits down with Christopher and Orlando. Orlando says he feels burdened to support those affected by the Pulse shooting. However, he hasn’t had time to grieve for himself. Iyanla tells him that he does need to find time for himself.

“You’re more than a survivor of the Pulse massacre.” -Iyanla

Chris then tells Iyanla that he feels in limbo with depression. “I feel like I still haven’t found my place.” Iyanla is worried that he will lose his identity and he needs to deal with his hurt and pain behind the incident. She then recommends he get support for his PTSD.

Patience and Tiara sit down with Iyanla.

These two ladies have issues to address to repair their friendship in the wake of the shooting. Patience still feels as if she needs to be strong for Tiara. She also reveals that she doesn’t want to go to Pulse. “I don’t want to make peace with Pulse. I feel like if I go, I wouldn’t be able to keep it together anymore. I think I am comfortable with staying stuck.”

Iyanla feels this is because she doesn’t want to give up the hope her mom will come back around. She she tells Patience this, and Patience breaks down crying. “She’s not coming Ms. Patience and you got to give yourself permission to stop waiting for her.”

Iyanla and Tiara then console Patience. Patience is convinced to go to Pulse to confront this pain.

The survivors return to Pulse.

Iyanla has the survivors return to pulse. However, Brandon decided not to go because he feels like he isn’t ready. When the rest of them get there, Tiara begins to break down and cry. Iyanla begins to console her. “Claim your life, baby.”

As Iyanla keeps consoling her, Tiara puts it together and is able to lay flowers at the memorial.

Iyanla asks them to leave something behind. She wants Tiara to leave behind her guilt she feels about Akyra’s death. She wants Patience to leave behind pain from her mom’s absence. She wants Chris to get help for his depression. Lastly, she wants Christopher and Orlando to leave behind their Pulse identities behind and become a voice for the living.

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  1. I genuinely felt so hurt for them. I hope they all seek therapy for this tragic and traumatic situation. This has changed their lives forever and they all need to emotionally and psychologically get help to be able to cope with their lost and pain.

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