Brandon Barnes Explains His Issue with Ayana and Amy’s Relationship

Not too long after the latest episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” aired Thursday night, Brandon Barnes hopped on Instagram Live to air out a few things, pertaining to the show.

He specifically didn’t like how editing portrayed his involvement in his cousin Ayana’s relationship with her girlfriend Amy.

In the process of airing out his grievances, Brandon revealed that his cousin may be geting played by Amy.

Let me get on here and clear up some stuff because I don’t like how the production company is going with some stuff, to keep it real.

So the stuff with Amy and my cousin Ayana… They didn’t really get the chance to let you know what’s really happening so it wasn’t necessarily that I was being nosey or whatever. I am nosey, I ain’t going to lie but in this situation, I wasn’t being nosey.

What it was is that Amy and Ayana had been dating for two years. But, according to Amy, they never put a title to it. So, the reason I did the date is I wanted to find out what was going on. My cousin is head over heels for this girl, and this girl doesn’t want to put a title on things.

And its like, ‘oh, okay.’ If you don’t want to put a title on things, cool, whatever. Let my cousin know that, let her move on, or you can move on. It’s some people out there that’s cool with being with somebody and they aren’t necessarily in a ‘relationship,’ or whatever.

A commentator on Instagram live said, “That’s too long not to have a title.”

Brandon absolutely agreed.

You’re absolutely right. That’s what I said. So like I said, if they were dating or f***ing, that’s what I wanted to know.

Check out the Instagram Live clip below.

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  1. It doesn’t take two years to decide if you want to be with someone or not. Amy ain’t doing nothing but wasting Ayana’s time.

  2. Ayana doesn’t want to put a title on it cuz she knows she wanna date other people and deal with Amy in between woman. Believe me Amy knows this and she is just trying to bully her into a relationship.

  3. When you DATE people you don’t have to have a title. Black ppl don’t know how to DATE, everyone we date is our boyfriend/girlfriend you can date and not put a title on things. When you’re young you can spend time just getting to know each other and not having a commitment especially if they were long distance. Hell they don’t even live together.

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