Dr. Jackie Confirms ‘Married to Medicine’ Season 5 Cast

Casting for the fifth season of “Married to Medicine” has been pretty interesting.

Lisa Nicole Cloud claimed that she decided to walk away from the reality show in order to focus on her career and her marriage, but some are suspecting that she was actually handed a pink slip.

Then of course, filming for the fifth season hasn’t been easy for Mariah Huq. Especially since most of the cast didn’t want to film with her and she wasn’t invited to group events.

Eventually Mariah was able to smooth things out enough with most of the girls (except Quad) and she’s been spotted filming with the group.

Some fans are hoping Mariah and Quad will eventually face each other and bury the hatchet in the upcoming season.

Interestingly enough, there’s a new face joining the group.

Earlier today, Dr. Jackie confirmed that a new doctor has joined the cast.

Check out the post below:

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  1. I think the season will be pretty good. You got Jackie and her marriage problems, Mariah vs everybody and Heavenly pretending she’s trying to be a better Christian, with Quad trying to act like she’s unbothered by Mariah while doing everything possible to take her down with her passive aggressiveness. It’s going to be entertaining.

  2. I honestly am over the Mariah and Quad storyline. If they are never going to be friends again, they need to learn how to be in the same room without acting like high schoolers.

  3. I love Mariah,she is real and the funniest person on the show. Say what you think but if Mariah is out the show is out. I am sick of Quad she is evil also Heavenly. Heavenly needs close her mouth and fix her bottom lip it sticks out like a diving board.

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