Mendeecees’ Mom Judy Tries to Make Peace with Erika & Samantha

If you watched the latest season of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” then you already know it was a messy one for fan favorite Yandy Smith.

Last season Yandy had a face-off with Mendeecees Harris’ other baby mamas Erika DeShazo and Samantha Wallace, and she spent the majority of her time trying to prove that his exes meant nothing to him, not even in their pasts together.

She even went as far as calling Erika a “slide,” and claimed Mendeecees were never in a relationship with Erika.

However, as we pointed out, she admitted in a previous season that Erika and Mendeecees were very much in a relationship when Erika got pregnant.

Yandy also wasn’t on good terms with Samantha, as Samantha wasn’t happy that Yandy accused her of being a deadbeat mother in the past.

Judy joined in and sided with Yandy, causing her to also be at odds with Samantha and Erika.

Well it looks like Judy is ready to make peace.

She posted the following on Instagram hours ago in observance of Father’s Day:

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    1. Exactly. She had an opportunity to create peace between Yandy and Sam and Erika but she was too busy being ratchet herself. Now she wants to be all positive on Instagram after the damage has been done? Please.

  1. Yesterday was Father’s Day, not Mother’s Day. It’s so tacky how some people hijack this holiday from the men out here who actually are good fathers.

  2. That sh-t was all a storyline !!all 4 of them on the stage were in on it and you better believe Erika and Sam got a nice check. They’ve all played sister wives at the same time

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