Brandon Barnes Calls Out Bow Wow & GUHHATL Producers, Then Gets Dragged

Photo Credit: WEtv

By: A.J. Niles

“Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” star Brandon Barnes is livid with how his artist showcase appeared on WEtv. As a result, he called out co-star and executive producer Bow Wow, and the rest of GUHHATL producers.

However, his rant is overlooked as he gets dragged by fans of the show.

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  1. He is rude and unprofessional. His attitude is despicable and he seems to be very aggressive. Please knock the chip off your shoulder. Like his godmother said, ” you can catch more bees with honey”. He needs to learn how to address ppl without being a jerk. You can say what you want if your delivery is right and a person will accept it much easier. Learn that. The show’s not the issue, it’s his attitude and personality that throws folks off.

  2. Now Brandon knows he’s not going to get a pass for the sh-t he willingly did on the show. The issue ain’t editing. He’s just an a-shole. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t speak the truth about Reginae and Toya though.

  3. This dude is a GROWN A-S MAN who comes for lil kids. He’s a joke! The reality is Brandon, no one does know you! That’s just a fact. U can’t be mad at some1 for pointing that out. Also, he thinks these cameras are gonna save his a-s but he’s playing w/ fire! Not only do u have to deal w/ Lil Wayne but his whole entourage, family & his label acts. They ride for one another in that crew. No matter what u hear about the business relationship he has w/ Cash Money, Baby is STILL his Father & Reginae is still Baby’s granddaughter. U trying to be the villain on the show by coming after a child is gonna get u hurt & ur cuz too. She’s taking up for u talkin bout she will knock Reginae out. She’s a grown a-s woman also. I’m not saying Reginae wasn’t wrong but she’s a kid who was taking up for her sister/friend who, btw u were disrespecting.

  4. People ALEAYS blame editing! No one made u say the things you said. How can editing make u look bad? U spoke those words out of your mouth. Editing didn’t make those up. Now that your on the wrong side of the viewers you want to blame someone else. Come on dog, u are a grown a-s man, take responsibility for your actions. We will respect u the more for it. As someone else stated, ur an A-SHOLE! U speak to every1 like that, not just Reginae. U did the same w/ ur cuzn’s girlfriend. U just come off as a negative to people. Why do u need so much attention? What happened to you in life? If u weren’t Deb’s child, do u really believe u would have worked w/ the people u claimed u worked w/? Also, u assuming u were someone’s artist developer & actually knowing u are is so unprofessional. U can’t just put urself in a position w/o the proper actions. U also don’t go on camera telling the entire viewing audience that ur artist looks like a whore & a thot or whatever else comes to ur mind bcuz all of the people u claimed to work w/ dress exactly the way Zonnique was dressed! U need to really reevaluate the way u want the world to see you on camera. If u don’t your artist development career will be short lived bcuz no1 wants to work w/ a disrespectful a-shole. Maybe they’ll work w/ an a-shole but, not. DISRESPECTFUL a-shole! IJS!

  5. This guy is really annoying af. He talks down to ppl n is juss plain negative. I don’t think he has said anything positive on the show. A real Debbie effn Downer!!!

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