Power Recap: Ghost Gets Disturbing News + Keisha Reveals True Feelings About Tasha

Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Things got real on last night’s episode of “Power.”

Ghost struggles to recover after getting a beat-down from the prison guards, but he reaches his breaking point after his lawyer informs him that the prosecution was able to get the judge to sign off on the death penalty.

Mike makes things harder for Ghost when he plants the gun he used to kill Greg at Truth.

Keisha accepts the hard truth about her friendship with Tasha while beginning a new relationship with Tommy.

Both Tommy and Dre learn that their lives are now on the line.

And Angela has completely committed herself to taking down Ghost, even if it results in his death.

Here’s a recap of “Things Are Going to Get Worse.”

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    1. Yeah that won’t be any time soon though. You know they feel like they have to drag that out just to torture us.

  1. Angie is wrong for putting Ghost through all of this just because he finally got enough sense to dump her. If he somehow ends up back with her after all of this, I don’t know if I will keep watching.

  2. Tommy and Keisha together is just weird. I thought I would like it but they had no chemistry whatsoever. Weirdest s-x scene of all time. LMBO!

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