Masika Kalysha and Camilla Poindexter Throw Some Nasty Shade at Hazel-E? (UPDATE)

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” hits the small screen later this month, but that doesn’t mean the stars of the show are waiting for the season four premiere to start being messy.

In fact, Masika is not fond of her co-star Hazel-E, and the feud between them was actually started over their ex boo Yung Berg.

You may recall that Hazel-E had a situationship with Berg on the show’s first season but he didn’t want to commit to her and kept her in the friend zone.

He would eventually start a relationship with Masika, and Hazel was furious because she thought she had a friendship with Masika.

Neither deal with Berg anymore, however, the beef is very much still alive.

So it’s no surprise that Masika may have thrown a little shade at Hazel after “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Dirty Little Secrets” aired the other night.

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  1. I don’t understand why Masika is so obsessed with Hazel’s looks. She’s the reason Hazel got the nose job in the first place. She needs to really get over herself.

  2. Camilla’s vag wasn’t good enough to make Donald leave his wife. So she should calm it down a notch or two. Also, I don’t understand why Masika has so much to say about Hazel, especially when the dude they were fighting over just turned around and laid hands on her. Both of them need to let it go to be real. Yung Berg was never worth a beef.

  3. And Masika is hating. Hazel looks good. I don’t like to say anyone needs work done but Hazel def glowed all the way up. She still needs to work on her low self esteem though.

  4. Masika needs and most DEF Camilla needs to tend to their own front porches. Neither of these women are humble, Hazel moved on minded her business and they still throwing shade. #BOTHERED

  5. One of these hoes had a child with a married man while the other had a child with a man after doing a flop song with him. They both need to be humble and have several seats. At least Hazel didn’t have a child for a come up.

  6. I don’t understand why Masika is still trying to take shots at Hazel. Hazel hasn’t said anything about her in years. Time to let it go mama. Especially when you spend all day long on Twitter tweeting about how unbothered you are about everything.

  7. Camilla just wants attn…she can’t talk about or have her married baby daddy no more… now she’s inserting herself in LHHH reality stars beef….just wanna be apart of something

  8. I will admit they seem quite pressed to comment but I will not lie, hazel did sound real loose talking about a v-gina rejuvenated

  9. I f-cks with Hazel. And Camilla is full of sh-t. She was throwing shade but didn’t expect Hazel to check her a-s.

  10. Camilla is lying her a-s off. She was definitely talking about Hazel. People need to start standing by their shade.

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