‘Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’ Recap: Bow Wow Faces His Dad + Reginae & Toya Clash

Photo Credit: WEtv

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta,” Deb goes against Bow Wow’s wishes and contacts Alfonso. Meanwhile, Brandon who is livid at Deb for stealing his spotlight at the showcase, lashes out during auditions for Zonnique. Lastly, Alfonso gets his wish to see Bow Wow.

Here’s the recap for the episode, “Pop’s Locked… and Drops it.”

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  1. Reginae is very disrespectful to everybody. Even her mother. I don’t know how Toya didn’t slap the taste out her mouth when she said girl chill out. No ma’am.

  2. I would have hemmed Reginae’s little a-s up by her fur as soon as she clinched her teeth and tried to check me at the beginning of the conversation. How the f-ck are you talking through your teeth to your momma? An a-s whooping is well overdue for that child.

  3. Brandon seems bitter. On every episode he’s acting belligerent, argumentative, and aggressive. In my opinion it shows he’s very insecure. Why be mad at Deb? She’s been in the game much longer and is well established. Just sit back, listen and learn some things. He needs to learn humility bc with his attitude he’s always going to lose and his mouth is going to write a check his butt can’t cash one day.

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