Power Recap: Angela Goes After Tasha + Ghost Gets a Major Win

The feds are locating all of Ghost’s and Tommy’s associates and bringing them in for questioning.

Julio, Dre, and Keisha are brought in to answer questions pertaining to Ghost and Tommy. Meanwhile, Angie is attending Greg’s funeral.

Another attorney sent by Proctor comes in to talk to Ghost, and asks him if he killed Greg. Ghost says he didn’t kill him, and he tells Ghost that he will need to work on how he talks when he’s on the stand to better appeal to the jury.

Proctor then walks in and introduces Ghost to the attorney, whose name is Terry Silver. Terry will serve as the second-chair counsel.

“He has a three to one success rate against federal capital punishment cases. Silver, why don’t you tell James what we discussed?” – Proctor

“The feds are going to argue that you killed Agent Knox to protect Thomas Egan from prosecution for the death of Felipe Lobos. Now I understand from Joe that you’re still very close to Egan?” – Silver

“I am.” – Ghost

“So we can’t attack this motive, but if we can establish an alibi or at least a timeline that makes you killing Agent Knox impossible, motive won’t matter.” – Silver

Silver then asks Ghost to walk him through the day that Greg was killed.

Ghost is reluctant to do so since he already did this with Proctor, however, Proctor urges him to comply to help his case. He listens, and eventually he gets honest and admits to Silver that he broke in Greg’s apartment to look for clues on if Greg and Angie got back together.

Ghost notices in the photos from the crime scene that the phone used by the mole was not at the apartment when he was there. So he believes that whomever left the phone there is trying to frame Greg as the mole.

He also confirms to Silver and Proctor that he was trying to help Angie locate the mole but was arrested before he could be useful.

When Silver asks if Ghost has any proof of this, Ghost says he doesn’t.

“I’m not here to judge your innocence, brother. I’m here to save your life.” – Silver

Silver then leaves.

Tariq reveals his true feelings about Ghost to Tommy.

Tommy drops Raina and Tariq off at school. He asks Tariq to stay behind so they can talk.

“Yo, man what’s up with you? Why all the shade to your mom?” – Tommy

Tariq says that it’s nothing, and he’s fine.

Tommy reminds Tariq that he’s not the only one who is taking Ghost’s arrest hard. So it’s important for him to be there for Tasha.

“She needs your help.” – Tommy

“I don’t really care about helping her or my dad right now. I don’t even care if he goes away. Probably did it anyway.” – Tariq

“Yeah, well he told me that he didn’t.” – Tommy

“Uncle Tommy, he lies about everything. Pretty sure he’s lying about this too.” – Tariq

“Yeah, he don’t always tell the truth. I don’t always trust him either. But Tariq, I swear to God I do about this. Look, Tariq I didn’t have a dad. No one looking out for me at all when I was your age. Whatever may be true about him, your dad would never put our family at risk by shooting that cop.” – Tommy

Tariq then tells Tommy that things have changed and Ghost doesn’t really care about his family anymore. He then tells Tommy that he’s late and has to get to class before exiting Tommy’s vehicle.

Julio is questioned by Saxe, while Dre is questioned by Mike.

When Julio is asked how long he’s known Tommy and Ghost, he doesn’t really give an answer.

“Can you truly really know anybody?” – Julio

Saxe lets Julio know that he is willing to keep Julio all day until he gets some real answers. Meanwhile, things aren’t going much better for Dre.

Mike is running down all of Dre’s past run-ins with the law. His rap sheet is pretty lengthy, so Mike is hoping to put pressure on him to talk.

Eventually both start talking, with Julio saying that he met Ghost and Tommy when he started working at Wash N’ Folds.

Andre says he knows Ghost because he works at his nightclub, Truth.

When Saxe asks if Tommy and Ghost worked with Lobos together, Julio pretends to not know who Lobos s.

Mike asks Dre if Ghost ever mentioned Greg Knox and his plans to kill him. Dre says “absolutely not,” and tells Mike that James isn’t that type of guy.

“James isn’t the type of guy who would kill somebody.” – Dre

When Saxe asks if Julio knew anything about James killing Greg to protect Tommy, Julio says, “Nah. That sounds like a crime to me. I happen to be totally clean, so…”

Saxe laughs at this and tells Julio that his neck tattoo confirms that he’s a member of the Toros Locos gang. Julio says that he used to be a member of the gang but he isn’t anymore.

“That’s funny, aren’t the Toros blood in, blood out?” – Saxe

“Well see, the Wash N’ Folds, it offered me better medical and dental.” – Julio

Saxe then tells Julio that if he has a dirty past, he will eventually uncover it and he shouldn’t be so loyal to James because he doubts the loyalty will be returned.

Dre explains to Mike that Ghost is different from other successful people from the hood because he didn’t turn his back on anyone when things worked out for him.

“He hires people who f*cked up like me. That man looked out for me when he didn’t have to.” – Dre

Julio tells Saxe the same thing.

“That man looked out for me when he didn’t have to. He put himself on the line and made a deal to get me out of Toros Locos.”

Dre makes it clear that he doesn’t think Ghost killed Greg.

“He couldn’ta killed anybody. “ – Dre

Angela grills Keisha.

“You’ve known Tasha and Tommy a long time. Tommy since Tasha met James, about 13 years?” – Angie

“I know Tommy. Not that well.” – Keisha

Angie questions if she is able to describe the nature of Tommy and Ghost’s relationship, and Keisha says that play videos games and watch sports.

Angie then brings up Tasha and Keisha says they have been friends since the second grade.

“I don’t care what you ask me. I ain’t gonna say nothing against her.” – Keisha

“I wouldn’t ask you to do that. I just want to clarify some facts.” – Angie

Angie then asks Keisha when Ghost moved out of his home with Tasha.

“I think you know the answer to that one.” – Keisha

“Please answer the question.” – Angie

“A little while ago but he moved back in.” – Keisha

“To sleep in the office I think. Since you’re friends so long, I’m sure you knew Tasha sold her wedding ring, right?” – Angie

Angie hands Keisha a document confirming the sale, and asks Keisha if Tasha told her she sold it. Keisha doesn’t answer and Angie then asks her when she started receiving Tasha’s personal bank statements.

“I don’t know. I ain’t the got damn post office.” – Keisha

Angie reminds Keisha that she doesn’t have a criminal past, so if she answers the questions, she can help her get back to her life. But if she doesn’t answer, she can’t help her.

“See the thing is, you already know the answers to the questions you asking me. You know when he moved out, when he was sleeping on the couch, when she sold her ring. Because of you, he left her for you.” – Keisha

“So to your knowledge, they were no longer functioning as husband and wife?” – Angie

Keisha tells Proctor and Tasha how things went with Angie. It becomes clear to Proctor and Silver that Angie baited Keisha.

“Well if they can prove that your marriage to James Patrick was really over, a business arrangement at this point, they may be able to break spousal privilege.” – Proctor

“Angela would argue before a judge that you are now more of an accomplice than a wife. She could force you to testify against James. And if you refuse, she could prosecute you.” – Silver

Tasha realizes Angie is now coming after her and says she knew it would happen.

Proctor tries to calm her down by assuring her that he and Silver can protect her. He tells Keisha and Tasha that they can no longer talk to anyone without he and Silver being present.

Proctor tells Silver that they have to get the DNA tossed out. Otherwise, Tasha and Ghost are in trouble.

Keisha apologizes but Tasha tells her it’s ok because she will protect her.

“They ain’t never getting sh*t from me.” – Tasha

Tony connects the dots.

A guard walks up to Tony’s cell and hands him a bag of chips.

Tony opens the bag and pulls out a phone. He calls Sammy and asks them what information he found on Tommy. Sammy tells him Tommy is a boss from Queens who is associated with someone named Ghost. He says they started by selling dope on the corners and worked their way up. Sammy is unclear about who Ghost is. However, Tony seems to think it’s James.

The feds discuss their sit-downs with Ghost’s associates.

John is frustrated that Dre and Julio have painted Ghost as a hero.

However, former Truth manager Josh Kantos says he’s willing to talk if he gets full immunity. John dismisses him as a soft snitch with an axe to grind, and he doesn’t want to take Josh up on the offer.

John then asks Angela if she has anything, and she says the interview with Keisha was productive.

She confirms that she thinks she can get the judge to break spousal privilege. Angie says she’s not sure Tasha will talk and she doesn’t want Ghost’s kids to lose their mother.

“Our goal is to put a murderer in jail. He should have thought about his kids before he pulled that trigger. What kind of man is St. Patrick, Angela? You know him best. Did he do this or not?” – John

“He did it.” – Angela

“Then his kids are collateral damage. Not our concern. We go for the win” – John

Meanwhile, Petar tells Tommy he can’t locate Julio and he just got word they are getting their first shipment under their management in two days.

He warns Tommy that if there is a problem, his bosses in Chicago will be forced to act. Tommy assures him that he will handle it.

Raina gets a notification on her phone about Ghost being up for the death penalty. Some of her schoolmates rub this in her face and this upsets her. In particular, a boy named Ethan taunts her and asks her if she wants to cry.

Tariq comes out of nowhere and slams Ethan up against the wall. Raina begs Tariq to release Ethan, he does and walks out the school. Raina runs after him but Tariq refuses to remain at school.

Nearby, a paparazzi takes pictures of her as she wipes away her tears.

Proctor and Silver begin digging at the DNA.

Ghosts tells Silver and Proctor that his DNA was planted. He tells them that Greg pulled him over the day after he broke into his apartment. He tells them he told Angela he was pulled over by Greg.

Ghost then realizes they got his DNA from Greg slamming him up against the car when he pulled him over.

They point out that there’s no record of Greg pulling Ghost over but the fact that he told Angela helps. Proctor says this information will get the DNA tossed out, and he tells Silver to see if any other investigators can confirm Ghost was pulled over.

Meanwhile, Greg’s old friend Bailey is asked by John and Mike to prepare to testify so they can confirm Greg’s timeline of events the day he was killed. When John tells Bailey that Tommy and Greg were working together for Lobos, Bailey tells them that’s BS.

He tells John and Mike that Greg actually called him and told him he could prove that Angela was the mole.

Bailey also reminds them that Angie has helped Tommy and Ghost before in the past. He says he will help them take down Ghost but he will not help if they don’t investigate Angie as the mole. He does not want Greg’s reputation to remain ruined.

“I can’t make that promise.” – John

“Well, I have nothing else to say.” – Bailey

Keisha gives Tommy an update on her conversation with Angie and Proctor.

Keisha tells Tommy that Tasha may be in trouble. And she’s worried Tasha may give them up to save herself. Tommy says Keisha won’t ever snitch. He also guarantees that Proctor won’t let any of them go down.

Tariq seeks comfort from Kanan.

After another dramatic day at school, Tariq goes to Kanan’s place and Kanan fixes him a cup of lean.

He tells Kanan that Ghost may get the death penalty and kids at school are rubbing it in. Kanan tells Tariq not to worry about his family problems and it’s time for them to put their plan into action.

Bailey has a conversation with Angela.

Angie says it’s been a while since she’s seen Bailey but he tells her he saw her at the funeral but didn’t speak since she seemed like she was trying to stay out of the spotlight.

She says she didn’t want Greg’s family to see her because she thinks they may blame her for Greg’s death.

Bailey tells her that he doesn’t believe Greg’s family holds her responsible but he does. He tells her that Greg would still be alive if she never left him to be with Ghost.

She tells him that being with Ghost was the biggest mistake of her life and she blames herself too.

Angie also says she is going to see everything through because she will do anything to get justice for Greg.

Bailey tells her to clear Greg’s name and admit to being the mole. Angie says she refuses to admit to something she didn’t do. Bailey, however, isn’t buying it and tells her he won’t stop until she’s in jail, Ghost gets the needle and Greg gets colors on his grave.

Julio tries to shut down Truth’s side hustle.

Julio stops by Dre’s office to talk about their meetings with the feds. Both tell each other that they didn’t give out any information on Ghost and Tommy. Since there’s a lot of heat on the club as of now, Julio tells Dre to stop pushing Tommy’s drugs.

This poses a problem for Dre since he has been giving Kanan money on the side. However, he doesn’t protest Julio’s orders.

He tells Julio’s girlfriend to check their bottle inventory but tells the other bartender to keep pushing the pills and tell no one a word.

Bailey meets with Saxe.

Bailey tells Saxe about the audio Greg had of Tommy admitting to killing Lobos with Ghost. Saxe is confused by this because he thought Tommy was Ghost.

Bailey tells Saxe that they may be able to clear Greg’s name with the off the books recording.

Saxe says the tape changes their motive and it doesn’t implicate James as Ghost or Angela as the mole. Despite this, Bailey feels they should use it because it still proves Greg is not the mole.

Meanwhile, Julio tells Tommy he and Dre were questioned by the feds.

Tony has a conversation with Ghost.

Tony brings up what happened with Ghost and the other inmate who tried to push on him. He then tells Ghost that he knows who he is and he knows all about Tommy.

Tony threatens to tell the chief prosecutor that he has proof that he’s Ghost. He will keep quiet if Ghost gives him $20,00 a week to the address of his choice and he wants Tommy to make the drop.

Later on, Tommy meets with Proctor to drop off the drugs for his ex and get an update on the case. Tommy is worried everyone is going to get caught up, but Proctor assures him that he has everything under control.

He warns Tommy about Keisha and tells him that she’s a “weak link” and he needs to be careful not to give her too much information about his drug dealing.

The next day Proctor gives Silver a list of all the people the feds have questioned.

When Silver questions why he met with Tommy, Proctor tells him he was Tommy’s lawyer before he was Ghost’s lawyer. Silver says it’s a conflict of interest but Proctor says it isn’t since both Ghost and Tommy both want the same thing – and that’s to avoid prison.

Silver says he can’t find any record of Ghost being pulled over by Greg. He’s starting to think Ghost is guilty but Proctor tells him that Ghost is telling the truth.

Silver wants Proctor not to risk his reputation for Ghost but Proctor tells him to keep looking for a record of the traffic stop.

Later, Saxe goes to the judge to ask him if the tape of Tommy admitting to killing Lobos can be used in court. The judge tells him that tape will never be played in the court because the wiring was illegal.

Proctor meets with Ghost and Ghost tells him about Tony. Silver walks in to confirm he still can’t find record of the traffic stop. Angie then walks in and requests to meet with Ghost alone. Ghost refuses because he doesn’t trust her.

She tells Ghost to confess to killing Greg or Tasha will be forced to testify. If he does admit to killing Greg, she promises to lighten his sentence.

She tells him to do it for his kids because Yasmine will be too young to remember him if he gets the needle.

He tells her he was framed and he was at Truth the night Greg was killed.

“Whoever killed Greg was careless. You know me, you know I’m not careless.” – Ghost

At this point, Silver and Proctor remind Ghost to be careful about his choice of words.

“I’m being set up. You set me up, huh?” – Ghost

Ghost says he’s only thinking about his family, so he refuses to confess to something he didn’t do.

“We both know that when you want something, your family doesn’t matter. No one matters but you.” – Angie

She tells him the offer is on the table and if he’s the man she thinks he is, he will take it. She then leaves.

Proctor tells Silver and Ghost that the deal is BS because Angela doesn’t have the authority to make any deals. He warns Ghost not to make any decisions.

Silver tells Proctor that Ghost needs to give up Tommy but Proctor doesn’t agree.

Dre gives Tommy second thoughts about Julio.

Dre tells Tommy that Julio asked him to stop dealing the drugs at Truth but Tommy tells him to keep doing it to keep the Serbs happy.

He also tells Tommy that the feds kept Julio longer than him and it’s made him suspicious. Tommy tells Dre he already knew about Julio.

Meanwhile, one of the security guards gives Ghost a copy of the paper with Raina on the cover crying. He looks at it and drops it on the ground.

Tariq does his first job.

While playing video games with one of his friends, Kanan and an associate go by Tariq’s friends house and rob it. Tariq sends them the elevator code to get in. They take things that they can sale.

Ghost calls Tasha and asks to speak to Raina. He apologizes to her and assures her that he will not be killed and he will beat the case. Raina breaks down on the phone.

He thanks Tasha and she hangs up the phone.

“Tasha, thank you.” – Ghost

“Goodbye James.” – Tasha

Mike meets with Bailey.

Mike tells Bailey that the night that he died, Greg told him he believed Angela was the mole. Bailey then goes on to tell Mike about the audio of Tommy.

Bailey tells Mike that he can’t say much out in public but they agree to meet later and discuss the tape in detail.

After Mike leaves, Bailey opens up his laptop and reads up on Mike’s personnel file. It appears he is suspicious of Mike.

Proctor gives Ghost info on Tony.

According to Proctor, Tony is from Queens and was with the Bell Boulevard Crew back in the day. He also ran a hit squad and he’s implicated in dozens of murders. He also tells Ghost that they are trying to nail Tony for the Roberto Solletti murder.

Ghost tells Proctor that he’s never heard of Tony before.

He tells Proctor to have Tommy drop off $20,000 to the address written on his sleeve.

Ghost blames Proctor for Raina being on the cover on the paper since he’s the one that got the media involved in the first place. Proctor tells Ghost that everyone is trying to break him. Ghost asks how much time Angela’s deal will be but Proctor tells him to trust him.

Later on, Raina tries to check Tariq about skipping school and tells him a suspension wouldn’t help Ghost. Tariq says he doesn’t care because he knows Ghost is guilty.

He also tells her that Tasha and Ghost don’t go back to where they are from because everyone knows who they really are.

Proctor comes through.

Sterling and Proctor are able to find footage of Greg Ghost’s traffic stop. They ask to present it as evidence so the DNA can be dismissed.

The judge allows it after Proctor also has proof that cell phone towers nearby pinged Greg and Ghost’s phones, thereby confirming that they were there at the time of video, and the traffic stop did indeed happen.

They show the video in court and it is clearly shown that Greg roughed up Ghost, thereby getting his DNA under his nails.

Proctor also points out that there was no record of the traffic stop and that was a dirty move made by the prosecution.

When the judge says he will keep the evidence, but it’s not enough to dismiss the DNA, Proctor tells him there’s more.

He points out that Angela knew about the traffic stop but never presented it to the court even though it was captured by a city owned camera.

Angela approaches the bench when asked to by the judge.

She confirms that she had knowledge of the traffic stop and John says that she brought it to the prosecution’s attention but since it wasn’t logged by Greg, they thought it didn’t really happen.

The judge calls out the fact that there is actual video to back up that it happened, so it seems like the prosecution just didn’t want to bring it to the court.

The judge says if the DNA is allowed, it will be understood that they covered up the traffic stop intentionally. Since this will make the jury biased, Proctor tells John to drop the DNA evidence. John agrees and the DNA is withdrawn.

Proctor wants all the charges dismissed, but the judge says he can’t do that because of the finger prints and gun being found at Truth.

Meanwhile, the feds are keeping a close eye on Tommy on the night of his big drug deal. He lets Julio know he doesn’t trust him by taking over his drop.

John tells Angela she’s back on the team and he apologizes for not taking her seriously when she told him about the traffic stop. Angela smugly agrees that she’s the most important person on the team.

Ghost and Silver clash.

Ghost thanks Silver for finding video of the traffic stop and he tells him he’s just there to get paid so he can help those who actually are innocent. Once Ghost realizes Silver thinks he’s a guilty thug, they begin to argue over privilege.

Silver says Ghost has privilege because he can afford to hire lawyers to help him escape serious prison time, while Ghost says he thinks Silver is privileged because he grew up in a two parent household and went to college.

Silver tells Ghost that he will do everything in his power to make sure he beats the case, but he needs to embrace that he really is a criminal.


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  1. If Ghost goes back to Angie after all of this, I’m going to have to move on from this show. That would just be terrible writing.

    1. It would be terrible writing and very unrealistic. But honestly, Ghost and Angie’s relationship has always been unrealistic. No drug dealer is going to risk it all for a cop he had a crush on in high school.

  2. I know Courtney said Tasha will never put hands on Angie but this is one episode what I wish she would have. Angie is very bitter and I hope she gets hers soon.

  3. I think this season is really showing that Ghost made the mistake of his life by being with Angie. It really did cost him everything. His kids, his wife, his freedom, his friendship with Tommy as well. And despite losing it all for her, she still doesn’t even really know the real him. If she did, she would know that he didn’t kill Greg. That’s not even how he does things. It’s crazy when you realize that Ghost lost everything for a woman who doesn’t even really know him.

  4. Out of all the shows I’ve ever watched I swear I’ve never disliked a character more than I do Angela ugh. I got a feeling she’s going to figure out he’s innocent and they going to get right back together like nothing and like y’all said above I’m going to be done with power.

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