Ayana Fite & Brandon Barnes Quit GUHHATL

Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Most of the cast of “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” has taken to social media to complain about the WE tv reality show’s editing.

Reginae Carter isn’t happy that it seemed as if she got punked by Ayana Fite.

Brandon Barnes says tricky editing made his artist showcase seem like a total disaster when it wasn’t.

Shaniah Mauldin is heated that she basically didn’t get any scenes.

Ayana is annoyed that the season focused so much on Brandon and Reginae’s fallout, but she also revealed on Instagram Live recently that she feels like editing made it seem like her girlfriend Amy mistreated her.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons that Ayana doesn’t plan to return for a second season.

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    1. True but the editing has been poor. When the whole cast is complaining, you know the producers need to rethink things.

  1. The editing has been horrible though. I understand why they are frustrated. But if they were smart, they’d threaten to quit in exchange for more money and better editing.

  2. What? No! I like them both! And truth be told, Brandon really did bring it. He’s a natural for reality television.

  3. I don’t want Ayana to quit but I think the Amy thing is the real reason she’s pissed. I won’t lie, I thought Amy was a trash girlfriend too. The editing just made her seem that way.

  4. WE tv better make some phone calls because I don’t think these two will be the only ones quitting.

  5. Brandon and Reginae pretty much carried the show and Ayana is the most likable. So I’m sure the network will do whatever it takes to change their minds. Just give it some time.

  6. If I’m being honest, the show has pretty much focused on Bow Wow. If it wasn’t about him than it was about the nonsense and shenanigans between Brandon and Reginae. So, I can honestly see why Shaniah felt slighted. I’m actually surprised bc she is Jermaine’s daughter so, I’d have thought she would’ve been treated better since Jermaine gave him his start.

  7. @Guest2 Bow Wow is a producer but not the showrunmer so he’s really has no say in the show. This Is all on Georgia Peach Prouctions.

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