Sky Shades ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ + Charmaine

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the season three premiere of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” there was not a shortage of any drama.

In fact, the season three premiere did not come up short and was very entertaining.

However, it seems as if “Black Ink Crew” star Sky is not impressed.

In fact, she took some time to like a shady comment about the spinoff.

Apparently she not only thinks the Chicago crew can’t compare to the original crew in New York, but she also feels like someone is trying to be her in the cast.

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  1. Girl bye. Honestly, just one episode in and the Chicago season is already much better than the last season of the New York one. For one thing, there were way too many fake storylines for it to even be that good. Sorry Sky.

    1. Yesss like sky nobody wants to be you a mother who can’t even face her own children. I like Chicago actually better than NY he actually has tattoo artist in his shop vs people just sitting around talking. Why do black people have to put down another to feel on top.

    1. Sky go sit your aggravating a-s down somewhere, because you be trying to hard ma. At least Charmaine aggy authentic…..bhahhha

  2. Bullsh-t. N-ggas was fighting on the first episode. #BlackInkCrewCHI > #BlackInkCrewNY. Sky needs to stop letting people hype her a-s up too. Charmaine ain’t trying to be like her a-s. Two different personalities.

  3. But Chicago actually is better right now. That’s the gag. I know people like to get on the gram and kiss a-s but there’s no need to lie.

  4. I agree. I don’t like the Chicago show. Something about the cast just doesn’t do it for me. Sky is bae.

  5. Sky you too loud. You too errything. You always shading Charmaine. You cant get along with no female that you think will outshine you. That’s why you like Donna. Donna beautiful she just don’t know who the hell she is yet.

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