‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Recap: Pepa’s Hairdresser Takes Shots at Kristinia + Boogie Finds Trouble

Photo Credit: WE tv

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Romeo has to face Master P after the altercation in a restaurant in New Orleans.

Meanwhile, Boogie Dash reveals another devastating secret that could severely damage the relationship he has with Dame.

Lastly, Pepa’s hairdresser Troy reveals makes some scandalous accusations about Kristinia and her producer Adonis.

Apparently, Kristinia and Adonis’ relationship goes well beyond music.

Here is the full recap for the episode titled, “Bad and Boogie.”

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  1. I was not expecting Troy to go there. And I find it hilarious that Dame is driving Boogie to drink with all his get money speeches.

  2. I think so too. They seemed so close before and all of a sudden they don’t speak? Angela seems very unhappy now and that ghetto a*s Briana isnt helping matters with her constant disrepect. That woman is evil jealous and petty! Kristina is scared to death of her but films with anyway poor thang. I believe everything they say about Kristina she gave Romeo some last season and he kept it moving afterwards. Boogie is a true f*ck up! Who gets pulled over twice for drunk driving gets his license suspended and DRIVES to his lawyers office and to a bar to drink!!! Dame Dash needs to wake up and get that boy some help before he kills someone or himself on the road. And Romeo cousin needs never to start a fight again with his short self he twirled around and almost fell after punching that guy in the face, if it wasnt for dude in the purple he would have gotten his lil a*s handled!

  3. Just a hunch but I think Angela has been icy to Vanessa because she’s miserable with her fiance but she doesn’t want her to know that. I think she will end up telling her later on in the season and they will pick up where they left off once she gets real about it. But she’s definitely acting like she’s hiding her unhappiness from Vanessa.

  4. Briana is a crazy unstable b-tch point blank period. I’m curious as to how her relationship is with Kendu and why he never make any appearances? I wish they stop referencing her as “Mary J. Blige stepdaughter.” On the ATL franchise they got it together quick and referenced Tiny as “Member of Xscape” Lmao! It sucks when celebrities get in relationships with people and the public’s negative opinion of them turns into reality. I think this is the case with Angela and she’s having a hard time coping. She probably thought she was gonna have the love & happiness Vanessa have with Mike Wayans and their baby. By the way, What is going on with my girls Salt N Pepa? Salt and Spinderella gained a lot of weight and Salt looks tired all the time. I’m not even gonna get started on Pepa chile! SMMFH!!

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