Briana Latrise Opened up About Hard Life + Drug Addiction in Throwback Interview

Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Growing Up Hip Hop” star Briana Latrise has been receiving lots of backlash from fans of the show on social media as a result of her beef with Angela Simmons.

However, an interview with Briana from last year highlights that she has had a pretty rough life.

So it’s probably no surprise that she’s clashing with Angela since she feels Angela grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth.

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  1. I know she’s had a rough childhood but that doesn’t give her an excuse to be a b-tch. I just don’t like her a-s.

  2. Well it’s easy as hell to see she’s jealous of Angela and Vanessa. But she can’t blame them for what she went through when they didn’t even know her a-s.

  3. I dont feel sorry for her, everything she did and went through was a choice. Doing drugs and acting act is a choice. I didn’t hear once that she was molested or raped and maybe thats where her anger came from it just sounds like she is a brat herself who thought she had all the answers like most kids do. Sad thing is now she is grown and still defient and being a b-tch. With Mary J Blige money she could have had endless opportunities to be a better person to get a trade and just get her life right but it sounds like she doesn’t want to because that’s just who she is sometimes children are just a bad seed and hateful. So sympathy here.

  4. Growing up hard is not an excuse to be an a-shole and I’m so tired of people getting passes for it. Everyone has been through something whether you grew up rich or not. Granted your life may be harder than someone that grew up privileged but going after them merely because of that is jealousy, plain and simple.

  5. I still don’t like her. Everyone has been though things in life. Nobody has a perfect life. We all have obstacles. But she has a nasty attitude BY CHOICE. And I do not like the way she came for Angela and now Vanessa. They don’t even bother her.

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