Power Recap: Dre Sets up Julio + Kanan Pulls a Surprising Move

Ghost wants to work things out with Tasha.

Ghost wakes up from a dream of him killing the prison guard.

After he hops out the shower, Tasha prepares his coffee. They have a conversation about the kids and her not sleeping with him on the night he was freed from prison.

Tasha tells Ghost that the kids are sleeping over at their friends’ houses.

Ghost is disappointed but Tasha tells him that the kids just need some time. He then questions if she needs time also since she slept in Raina’s room.

He tells her that she didn’t have to sleep in Raina’s room considering how much she’s been there for him and how much they have been through.

He then says that he hoped that they would be able to have a fresh start and give their marriage another shot.

“I was thinking that we could uh…I was thinking we could start over. Put the past in the past, like…” – Ghost

“I don’t know about that, Ghost. I thought we were just staying together for appearances. You know, for the Feds, in case they come back around. Terry said the case isn’t over yet.” – Tasha

“I wish Angela never came to the club that night. I can’t change what happened, though. I can tell you it’s over.” – Ghost

“Over?” – Tasha

“For good.” Ghost

“Are you kidding me? I just watched that b*tch blow up her whole life in open court so you could walk.” – Tasha

They then agree to just talk about all their issues later that night, and let Tariq and Raina stay away for another night.

Ghost finds out about Tasha and Simon’s deal.

Ghost returns to the club as officers remove the chains from the doors and the paparazzi snaps pictures and reporters ask questions. Kanan looks on in his car from a short distance. He gets out the car and grabs his gun, but decides against confronting Ghost when he sees Simon Stern pull up and walk into the club.

When Ghost walks in Truth feeling victorious and hopeful, he’s quickly greeted by Simon Stern.

“James it’s so good to see you back in a suit. You look like a new man.” -Simon

Ghosts asks Simon why he’s there and he tells him that Ghost owes him a lot of money. He’s there to collect.

He explains that while Ghost was locked up, he gave Tasha a loan. This angers Ghost but Simon assures him he can make up the debt by agreeing to a new business deal.

Stern wants Ghost to be the CEO of his real estate group because it’s the only way he can get a minority business development loan and tax breaks.

Stern will serve as a silent partner.

While talking to Stern, Ghost gets a call from Tony who reminds him of their deal. He still wants Ghost to put him in touch with Tommy and Ghost assures him he will be in touch.

Jukebox pushes the issue.

Jukebox and Kanan have a phone conversation about Tariq. Jukebox urges Kanan to get in touch with Ghost immediately so they can get the money for Tariq.

When Kanan tells her he can’t make a move because there is too much heat on Ghost, Jukebox threatens to shoot Tariq. Kanan assures her he will handle it.

Tariq is in Queens with Jukebox, playing video games. He asks her if Slim is on the way and that he has to be home later that day. She tells him she will take care of Tasha, and takes his phone and sends Tasha a text saying he wants to stay another night. While talking to Keisha, Tasha texts back that it’s fine. She will pick him up in the morning.

Keisha is cold towards Tasha while they have lunch.

Kesisha tells Tasha that the feds removed the chains from the weave shop and she wants to know what’s going on. She also asks Tasha if they will stop laundering drug money in her shop.

Tasha tells her they have to keep moving things the way they have been for a little while longer.

“Tasha, I want out. For real.” – Keisha

“I promise you, you will. As soon as we can.” – Tasha

Tasha then asks Keisha about her mystery boo, and Keisha says she hasn’t talked to him.

Tasha tells her that he will eventually come back around and Keisha leaves the restaurant frustrated. A concerned Tasha sends a text to Tommy inquiring where he is.

Tommy is pressed about Ghost.

Tommy meets with one of Petar’s bosses, Jason, in Chicago, and he is stripped of his gun.

Jason tells Tommy that he knows Ghost was freed from prison but he no longer wants Tommy associated with Ghost.

Tommy tells Jason that he is not going to kill Ghost and Jason tells him he wants Tommy to cut all ties to Ghost immediately. Jason also says they are expanding into LA, and they want Tommy to run both coasts.

Tommy seems interested and Jason asks him to stay in Chicago to attend a celebration later that night. Tommy reluctantly agrees.

Dre makes his move on Julio.

Julio meets with Grim and Dre.

When Dre shows up, Julio confronts him about talking to Kanan. Dre says he was only calm and cordial because he knew he couldn’t kill Kanan in the club.

Dre says Kanan told him he wanted back in the game and he shut him down.

Julio asks Dre if he told Tommy he saw Kanan and Dre says he hasn’t had a chance to.

Dre tells Julio that Cristobal telling everyone he got extra weight from Julio. Dre proposes Julio meets with his some people who are looking for a new connect, and Julio isn’t so sure he should.

After Julio says he will talk things over with Tommy, Dre taunts him about not being able to make his own decisions as distro, and Julio finally agrees to meet Dre’s prospect.

Dre leaves and texts Cristobal to meet later.

Tasha texts Tariq that she will pick him up at 9am, and Jukebox replies. When Tariq once again asks where Slim is, Jukebox hands him another cup of lean. He sips and falls asleep as she hums “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” This happens after she explains that she got her nickname from being able to imitate any song on the radio.

Tasha and Ghost have dinner at home to talk everything out.

Tasha wants to talk about Tariq but he instead wants to discuss the fact that she took a loan from Simon without talking to him first.

She feels she did the right thing since they were low on funds and couldn’t pay bills, but Ghost wants her to understand she could have talked to him first. Tasha then points out that Ghost has made a number of decisions without consulting her.

Ghost questions what happened with the money from Milan and Tasha doesn’t answer.

Tasha assures Ghost that he will outsmart Simon and win like he always does. While this flatters Ghost, he tells Tasha that he doesn’t know how to trust her. Tasha tells him the feeling is mutual because she doesn’t know how to trust him either.

Dre meets with Cristobal and the Toros Locos.

The gang explains that Julio wanted to leave them and Ghost paid for his safe departure out of the gang. When Dre reiterates that Ghost is out the game and Julio’s life is now up for grabs, the gang tells him they want him dead. Dre promises to deliver Julio to them but they can’t make it look like a Toros Locos kill.

Tommy’s fun night with Jason goes left.

After having plenty of drinks and funny conversation, Jason then pistol whips Tommy after they leave a restaurant and places Tommy in a trunk.

Julio meets his end.

Julio, under the impression that he is meeting Dre and prospects, is rattled when the Toros Locos show up. They tell him that he must die for leaving the gang and they pull a knife on him while he’s being restrained.

Julio fights for his life and is fairing well until one of the gang members stabs his ankle.

He is then stabbed repeatedly and one of the gang members takes a knife and cuts off his neck tattoo.

Julio tries to crawl away to safety but slowly dies.

Petar turns on Tommy.

When Tommy awakens in the trunk, he realizes he’s being driven to some in the cut location in a wooded area. Jason opens up the trunk and his associates drag Tommy out of the car.

Petar joins the group and Jason questions why Tommy thought it was okay to kill Milan.

Tommy says Petar told him he had permission but Patar denies telling Tommy this.

Tatiana shows up and Jason asks her who she believes. She tells Jason that she believes Tommy and Jason shoots Petar, killing him. Jason’s associates throw his body in the grave and start shoveling.

Although Tommy is safe, when he thought he was going to die, he had a brief thought about Holly.

Ghost is confronted by Kanan.

Kanan confronts Ghost outside of Truth and pulls a gun on him. He tells Ghost that they have Tariq and he needs to do as he is told to save his life.

Ghost and Kanan get in Ghost’s car.

Tommy is driving back from Chicago but decides to stop in Cleveland.

After Ghost explains that he’s low on funds, Kanan tells him he doesn’t have much longer to figure something out. Ghost says he knows where to go.

Tommy pulls up to a house for sale and sits in the car.

Jukebox knocks Tariq out cold with her gun when he is under the impression that he is getting ready to go home.

Tommy knocks on the door to the house for sale and an older man, Sam, answers.

Tommy gets revenge in Holly’s honor.

Sam lets Tommy in and he looks through the house, pretending to be interested. As they talk about the house, Tommy asks him if he molested his daughters. Sam gets defensive and asks Tommy why he would say that.

Tommy then brings up Holly and tells Sam he knows he molested her when she was a child.

Sam says Holly is his niece and she wanted it because she was fast.

Tommy is disgusted and points out that Holly was only 9 years old at the time. He recounts that Holly told him that Sam raped her every night while she lived with him.

Tommy takes the collector’s item bat from the wall and beats Sam to death.

Out of desperation, Ghost robs Tommy.

Ghost pulls up to one of Tommy’s stash houses and tells Kanan this is where he will get the money. Kanan points out that it’s typical of Ghost to betray his own friends for his advantage and he’s not surprised that Tommy isn’t an exception.

Kanan gives Ghost an unloaded gun and they both exit the vehicle to get the job done.

Grim tells Ghost that he can’t be there since Tommy isn’t there, so Ghost pistol whips him to enter. Another one of Tommy’s associates recognizes Ghost and tries to make small talk, and Kanan comes from behind to pistol whip him.

When they get to the room were the money is, Tommy’s associate, Marcus pulls a gun out on Ghost and Kanan. Kanan reacts quickly and kills Marcus, much to Ghost’s frustration. They take the money.

Tasha calls Ghost as he is wrapping up the robbery of the stash house and tells him that she found out that Tariq did not spend the night at Calvin’s. Ghost says he knows and he’s actually at a girl’s house. He assures Tasha he will get Tariq and bring him home.

Kanan turns on Jukebox.

During the ride to get Tariq, Ghost tells Kanan that they were very close at one time, but he snitched on him because he didn’t want to kill him.

Kanan tells Ghost he would have been better off killing him.

When they get to the house Tariq is being held at, Kanan gives Ghost a gun and tells him he will need it because Jukebox will kill Tariq as soon as she gets the money.

Ghost is puzzled by this and Kanan tells him they have to go in and save Tariq together.

They walk in the house and Ghost is discrete about the gun he has on him.

After a cold greeting from Jukebox, she figures out Ghost is strapped and pulls her gun out on Tariq. Ghost begs her not to kill Tariq and Jukebox demands that Kanan tells Tariq who he really is.

“This motherf*cker is not who he says he is. He’s been playing you the whole time. His name is not even Slim. “ – Jukebox

“What?” – Tariq

“You’re nothing but a dollar bill to him.” – Jukebox

“You ain’t got to f*cking take it there, Jukebox.” – Ghost

“Tell him who you really are or I will blow his f*cking head off! Tell him!” – Jukebox

“I’m Kanan Stark. I’m a no good motherf*cker, ain’t that right, Jukes? I ran the street with your dad. I did a lot of bad sh*t…We hurt a lot of people. Jukebox is telling you the truth. I ain’t never been good. I wasn’t raised that way.” – Kanan

“You told me Kanan was dead.” – Tariq

“I did.” – Kanan

“Tell him why you been hanging out with him. Why you taught him about that life.” – Jukebox

“I was running game on you. I wanted – I wanted to get the money. And get back at Ghost. I wanted to hurt him so I used you.” – Kanan

“Now tell him all about Shawn.” – Jukebox

“I killed Shawn. I killed my own son. And I would do it again if I had to. He was soft, not like you.” – Kanan

Ghost then starts slowly walking up on Jukebox and Kanan shoots her in the chest repeatedly, killing her. Ghost grabs Tariq and starts hugging on him.

Kanan draws his gun on Tariq and Ghost as they hug, but decides to just take the money and leave instead of killing them.

“See you around, little n*gga.” – Kanan


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    1. Julio was too good of a person. Good people die on this show. So Dre will probably stick around for a while.

      1. I think everybody dies, good and bad, on this show. Dre will definitely be getting his very soon. Ghost and Tommy now have legit beef with him. He won’t be around much longer.

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