Courtney Kemp Says Ghost & Angela Aren’t Over + Says Dre will Face Consequences

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Courtney Kemp opened up about the latest episode of “Power.”

When it comes to Julio’s death, Courtney says Dre will see pretty quickly that getting Julio out of the way comes with a price:

Does Dre have some grand scheme or was this his end game? Between this and his situation with Kanan it seems like he’s winging it at times and just doing what he needs to in order to survive.

His grand plan was always to be a better version of Ghost. To be legitimate and be a drug dealer. See Ghost just wanted to be legit; he wanted to leave drug dealing behind. Dre doesn’t want that. He says to Ghost in episode 301, “I want to look clean, I don’t want to be clean.” So his grand plan was always to have a foot in both worlds and to get to be like Ghost. So he really wanted to be distro. There are a whole lot of problems that happen after Julio’s death that are things he never anticipated having to face because all he wanted was Julio’s job. So he thinks, Julio is dead, I’m going to get his job. But it gets more complicated than that.

As far as Angela and Ghost are concerned, Courtney says Tasha was right to tell Ghost she’s not convinced that they are over for good:

This is the first ever Angela-free episode, but she’s mentioned early on with Ghost insisting he’s done with her. Even Tasha (Naturi Naughton) doesn’t believe that after seeing what Angela (Lela Loren) did to her career for him. But does Ghost really believe it’s over for good?

I think that’s exactly what Ghost would say in that moment. “She arrested me, she ruined my entire f—ing life. F— her.” So Ghost does believe it in that moment; he’s not lying to Tasha. But Tasha’s point stands. It’s so important to me when characters have conflict on our series that both characters are right in the scene — that’s what makes it compelling. If one of the characters is wrong, then it’s not an interesting scene anymore.

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    1. It’s terrible. It’s not even realistic. This season has just been off though at least in my opinion.

  1. See this is that bullish-t. Power won’t ever be one of the best TV shows of all time because of this soap opera sh-t.

  2. Courtney Kemp needs to figure out if she wants a fairy tale love story or if this show should stay one of the best shows ever! She’s trying to keep this Angela character alive when actually the time has expired it’s time for Ghost to boss up and it’s going to take a real bossy woman to play the role of his partner and Angela could either die off or get with one of the square pants attorneys that she work with. Courtney stop going against the people whom keep money in your pocket and listen to positive criticism!!!!

  3. LOL. They are going to lose viewers putting Angela and Ghost back together. She was willing to have him die in prison. I can’t respect him going back to her after that.

  4. I’m just waiting until Angela and Ghost get back together I know it’s going to happen I hope I’m wrong and when it does I’m done with Power.

  5. I disagree that there wasn’t anything more they could do with Julio’s character. That’s just lazy thinking.

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