‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Micah Finally Reveals What Happened with Cop + Ralph Angel Steps Up

Nova and Robert catch-up in Atlanta.

The episode opens with Robert picking up Nova from the Atlanta airport and when he pulls into his condo’s parking deck, he tells her he is surprised she took him up on his offer.

She climbs into the back seat, telling him, “you said right here.”

Robert joins her.

Charley learns her interview doesn’t sit well with Remy.

Charley is at home, and she sees the Gallant Magazine cover on her iPad. She’s sitting down with Micah at the table for breakfast. Micah read the interview, but says it doesn’t mention the divorce.

Charley tells him she and Davis are planning to issue their own statements about their divorce.

Ralph Angel is at home and calls Aunt Vi. Aunt Vi goes off on him for the aftermath from telling Nova and Charley about the revised will.

Remy is in Charley’s office, talking about her interview. He tells her that the farmers who signed up for the mill aren’t happy with her comments in the interview. They aren’t sure they can trust her or that she plans to be in the business long-term.

Later, Ra sits down with Blue for dinner and Blue asks why Darla isn’t around for dinner. Blue questions if he’s done anything wrong and RA assures him that he didn’t.

Davis is out to eat with Tamar, the singer. He is gushing over a project they worked on together for his team. Tamar says she is interested in learning the authentic Davis. She knows about his past in Los Angeles but she wants to get closer.

“Maybe we could be each other’s second chances.” – Tamar

Darla apologizes to Charley.

At the office, Darla walks into Charley’s office. Darla asks if Charley can trust her and she tells Darla no. Charley says she was blindsided by the revised will and Darla should have told her about it. Darla then apologizes, saying it wasn’t her truth to tell. She also hopes to stay on working at the mill and doesn’t want to be fired.

Robert takes Nova to a social gathering. They appear to be the only black people. They meet various other entities, as well as some conservative movers and shakers.

Micah is walking with Kiki and Lakeisha after school. They come across two black guys under arrest on the corner. They decide to stay back and watch to make sure they aren’t harmed. Micah’s white friends from his school come by and invite them to the movies. However, Micah and the girls decide to stay behind to just in case the police officers nearby abuse their power.

Charley wins back the trust of the black farmers in the county.

The farmers who bought into the Queen Sugar Mill hosted an emergency meeting the restaurant Aunt Vi runs. The farmers are concerned with Charley’s commitment to run the mill. They are afraid that she will quit not long after the mill opening.

Charley tells them that she has pride in the community and feels like she belongs.

“It’s a part of me. It’s home. I am in this for me, for daddy, and for all of you.” – Charley

Prosper interjects and says Charley has been called by God to open the mill. They then lead a prayer over their farms and the mill.

Darla and Ralph Angel explain to Blue their situation, and Micah confronts Davis.

Darla and Ralph Angel sit down with Blue. Darla explains why she doesn’t come around much anymore. She also tells him that she has to stay on a schedule and doesn’t want to get sick again.

Micah calls Davis and asks if he can bring Kiki over. Davis says it’s cool although he is still out with Tamar. However, he tells Micah he is at a marketing meeting.

At their dinner party, Davis and Nova are listening to a very conservative party guest talk about politics. They debate immigration. The conservative man wants to drastically change immigration laws, and is in favor of sterilizing minorities for population control. She is taken aback when the man claims Robert used to have the same views. Nova is really angered by this debate and excuses herself from the table.

Micah and Kiki are walking in New Orleans past the restaurant Davis and Tamar happened to be meeting at. Kiki points out Tamar and Micah turns around to see her sitting down with Davis. Micah suddenly walks into the restaurant and confronts Davis. Davis tries to get Micah to calm down, but Micah expresses anger with Davis for lying about being out with Tamar.

Robert explains the situation at dinner to Nova, and Ralph is given advice about Darla.

A montage begins with Aunt Vi passing out at the restaurant and Nova and Robert going off to another room to talk. Aunt Vi is helped by Charley and Hollywood. Charley asks Aunt Vi if she needs to go to the emergency room and she says no. She blames her fall on not eating enough and being worried about Charley and her siblings. She tells Charley to work it out with Ralph Angel and Nova.

Robert then follows Nova into another room. Nova He tells her that his political views have changed, moving more in line with hers. However, he only deals with these people in order to use their funding for causes he is passionate about. Nova feels like Robert’s approach is playing around with lives of the people who need support.

Ralph and Darla are at her sobriety ceremony and Charley walks in. After the ceremony, small talk ensues. Ralph Angel talks to Darla’s sponsor. She lets RA know that he needs to support Darla through her addiction and if he doesn’t plan to, then he should move on. Charley presents Darla with flowers and Darla tells her she’s thankful. When Darla is pulled away to take pictures, Charley and Ralph Angel talk.

RA admits he needs help with the farm and he needs to stay on payroll since he is on probation.

Charley says that she would not mess up his parole or mess up their relationship. As disappointed as she is about the farm, she will not let this allow her to lose her baby brother.

Aunt Vi checks Nova, Micah tells Davis what happened while in police custody.

Aunt Vi and Nova are talking about what happened in Atlanta. Aunt Vi criticizes Nova for how she is dealing with Robert. She calls Robert a good man and she shouldn’t throw him away for his evolving political beliefs. Aunt Vi wants Nova to stop sabotaging her relationships and Robert really wants her. She points out how he was able to make her smile during the drama surrounding Ernest’s revised will.

“The world’s not promised to none of us.” – Aunt Vi

Aunt Vi tells Nova to enjoy love while she can.

At Davis’ condo, Davis walks into Micah’s room and demands to talk to him. He demands Micah to never act like how he acted in the restaurant with him and Tamar.

Micah then responds saying that everything that happened to the family is Davis’ fault.

Davis tells Micah he wants the real him back. He feels like he’s changed since his arrest.

Davis then asks what happened at the police station and Micah then goes into a rage. Once Micah calms down he explains what happened with the officer through tears.

He tells Davis the officer took him for a ride to an alley. When they got to the alley, the officer pulled Micah out of the car and forced his gun into his mouth, pulling the trigger. At the end of the story, Micah falls apart and Davis hugs him, while expressing anger with the cops.

Ralph Angel proposes to Darla.

Darla, Blue and RA get back to the farm and RA tells them he forgot to get an extension for the light bill, so its dark in the home. Meanwhile, Robert shows up at Nova’s home. He brings a plan for them to raise money for their causes, using the political enemies they met at the party.

Nova doesn’t turn down his plan and they have a passionate moment.

Remy stops by Charley’s office and expresses his dislike of the interview. He really doesn’t like the fact that Charley didn’t confirm the divorce. But Charley says she didn’t mention it out of respect for Micah, who is taking the breakup hard.

Charley tells Remy she genuinely likes him and sincerely wants to be with him. She also apologizes for hiding her feelings and treating him the way she did.

He accepts the apology and kisses her.

Once Darla puts Blue to bed, RA takes her to a room full of lit candles. He expresses that he wants to be her support system for her sobriety and he wants to work on their relationship. He also asks her to move in with him and Blue forever.

“I want you by my side in this house for the rest of my life” – RA

He then gets on one knee, and proposes to Darla with a ring. Darla accepts as tears fall from her eyes.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Ralph Angel made up for letting me down last week. I hope he doesn’t mess up Darla’s sobriety though.

    1. Man I’m worried too. I feel like her fall and her wearing that scarf on her head like that was foreshadowing.

  2. Me too I thought she did that just to bring everyone back together since those were her first words.

  3. I hate what happened to Micah. He didn’t deserve that and I hope Davis and Charley give that cop hell.

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