‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Nova Follows Her Heart + Sam Landry is Defeated

Queen Sugar Series Finale
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After seven seasons, “Queen Sugar” comes to an end. But before it does, the Bordelon family makes one final push to get their land back. They receive help to finally one-up Sam Landry from an unexpected source, his nephew Jacob Boudreaux. 

Meanwhile, Darla and Ralph Angel hit a rough patch as Ralph Angel violates Darla’s trust regarding Blue. But after a story about Ernest from Prosper, Ralph Angel is able to keep his family together. 

Next, Micah comforts Charley when the election doesn’t go her way. He also makes a decision regarding the job offer in New York City.

Lastly, Nova makes a major decision regarding her love life as she receives a surprise from her aunt and mom. 

Here’s the recap for, “For They Existed.”

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  1. I have never been so satisfied with a series finale as I have been with Queen Sugar. While I hated to say goodbye to this show, it was beautiful to finally see everyone happy and especially satisfying to see Sam Landry defeated. The last scene with Ernest watching all of his children happy and thriving and then walking through the sugar cane field, laid me out! I am a hot mess ya’ll!

  2. This was by far the best show finale ever. I watched it twice and will watch it again. I was so happy for the family, and was touched by the father’s spirit visiting each of his children and grand children. This show had awesome actors/actresses. I will miss this show, but feel fulfilled with the ending. We need more shows like Queen Sugar.

  3. It was an amazing journey from beginning to end. I love how they played modern day into the story line. It kept the show in the now! The most fulfilling was the full circle of Darla! Her story was the most powerful! She really evolved and became a phenomenal woman! The finale was amazing! It was completed gracefully, and it really brought me to a standing ovation! Job well done!

  4. I absolutely loved this show, the final episode put the icing on the cake with splendid selection of music (The Storm is Over now) had me in tears…. I watched the ending about 3x AMAZING JOB!

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