‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Sam Landry Gets Evicted + Nova Ends Her Relationship with Dominic

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 12
Photo Credit: OWN

On tonight’s “Queen Sugar,” Ralph Angel, Darla, and the Co-Op score a huge win. Sam Landry, due to the USDA investigation, is evicted from his land. There’s going to be an auction and the Co-Op comes together to bid on the land.

However, Sam will do all he can to stop this and gain his land back.

Meanwhile, Dominic receives an offer to lead an excursion in Mali on the African continent. Unfortunately, this could mean his relationship with Nova comes to an end. However, Dominic and Nova spend time together when she explores her Aunt Martha’s home.

Next, Micah receives a job offer in New York City. This means he would have to leave New Orleans. He calls Charley about it and she’s not happy.

Lastly, Billie’s preparing to move back home and Hollywood is in a tough campaign for a school board seat.

Here’s the recap for, “Be and Be Better.”

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