Tasha St. Patrick’s New Boo Revealed?

Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last week’s episode of “Power,” Ghost told Tasha that he wanted to wipe the slate clean and give their marriage another shot.

Tasha wasn’t enthusiastic because she feels he’s going to get back together with Angela now that he’s a free man.

Creator Courtney Kemp confirmed that Tasha is right and there will be a reconciliation between Angela and Ghost.

The good thing for Tasha is she may be getting a new love interest.

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  1. I figured he’d probably be her love interest when he was making house calls to give updates. This will be interesting – especially seeing the dynamic between him and Ghost since they clashed while he was in jail…

  2. I figured they would get together. Well I don’t see the issue since Ghost is just going to go back to Angela anyway.

  3. I’m happy for Tasha but I’m standing my ground Angela and Ghost get back together I’m done.✌?

      1. If that’s were the writers are taking this show they can have it!! Ghost is a thug and his wife also so why would they get together with lawyers gfoh this is lame I’m out no more Power it should be named Powerless that will explain the bad writing.

  4. Welp that would be stupid to put Angela and Ghost back together..especially with a lot of fans against it…im preparing to watch my last episode of power..foh

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