K. Michelle Calls Out Black Women & Black People + Gets Dragged

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Today may not have been a good day for K. Michelle on social Mmedia.

K. Michelle isn’t one to withhold her opinion. The R&B singer and “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” alum has been working on many projects, including her upcoming album and TV show. However, she’s found time to hop on her social media accounts and send out her opinions on a number of topics.

She recently weighed in on the beef between Joseline Hernandez and LHHATL executive producer Mona Scott Young. K clearly sided with Mona, proceeding to beef with Joseline herself.

K. Michelle later admitted she regretted the back and forth with Joseline.

Now K. Michelle is getting dragged all over social media for her recent opinions.

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  1. This chick is so arrogant and delusional at the same time. Other races don’t drag her because they don’t know her. Her whole fan base is made out of black women.

  2. So basically someone on Instagram hurt her feelings so she wants to make this a black issue. I’m not surprised. This is typical for her and it’s one of the reasons I’m no longer a fan. She is quick to bash black women when things don’t go her way.

  3. Why do singers always try to be so damn political? Girl sit down somewhere. If you feel like some type of way about how you portrayed on social media log off

  4. She’s so annoying. And as messy as she’s been, she really can’t be surprised that she gets negative comments. It ain’t like she’s ever been known for being a peaceful and positive person anyway.

  5. Someone dragged her a-s and she wasn’t able to clap back so she took her a-s to Twitter to play victim. I don’t feel sorry for her a-s. She stay hitting below the belt when someone gives her criticism. I’m glad people called her out on her bullsh-t. She has the nastiest personality but swears she’s the damn victim all the time.

  6. I went to Twitter to see all the delusional stans support the ignorant garbage she tweeted and bash black women when they are black women their damn selves. Some of us really need to get a clue.

  7. Honestly, she’s done this a few times. If she could have white fans, she’d love that. She’s always thrown shade to black women. This is the same chick that calls black women monkeys and nappy head on a regular basis. She pretends she’s so happy and doing so well, but her actions say she’s miserable and resentful. Something just ain’t adding up.

  8. Soooo black people deserve to be discriminated against because she gets negative comments on social media. Damn she’s dumb.

  9. Black women, let’s be more selective about who we support. There’s no reason some of these people should be where they are. They don’t respect us and I don’t know why we continue to stan for them. This goes for K, Amber, the Kardashians, etc. It’s time for us to do better.

  10. Well other races have to know who you are to participate in leaving negative comments about you. But don’t get it twisted, negative comments on the internet isn’t something black women have a monopoly on.

  11. If she knew how to stay off of social media and stfu, maybe she wouldn’t get so much negativity. Just sing….nobody cares about the rest hun, especially other races!

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