Power Recap: Angela Sets up Mike + Ghost Gets Pulled Back in While Dre Plots

Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Power,” Angela gets revenge for Greg and orchestrates Mike’s death.

Tariq goes in way too deep and realizes Raina’s plan to transfer schools may not be such a bad idea after all.

Ghost is pulled back into the drug game, while Dre plans to take down Tommy to advance in it.

And Proctor continues to make his motives questionable.

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  1. This show can’t survive if Ghost isn’t in the game anymore. It makes the show. I’m glad him and Tommy are working together again.

  2. Power is really starting to get on my nerves they highlighted Angela being some kind of hero but they barely focused on her manipulation she’s the one that set up Mike getting killed not for Greg or anybody else but for herself. Ghost so stupid still don’t realize he still getting manipulated by Angela. Power really needs a strong season finale because this season has been underwhelming and I’m tired of the whole dynamic of the show.

  3. This show has gotten corny now. I need for them to get it together. I rolled my eyes a lot last night at some of this cheesy writing.

  4. I’m really tired of them trying to change people’s minds about Angela. You can tell they have been writing the season in a way that will make her more likable, while Tasha gets more hate. I’m very disappointed.

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