‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Recap: Kristinia Checks Briana + Romeo Gets Sued

Angela and Vanessa do their best to convince Daryan that Angela is sincere. 

The episode opens up with the sisters hashing everything out. Daryan doesn’t seem to be ready to work on their issues. Vanessa pleads with Daryan to open up to Angela. However, Angela gets frustrated with this and leaves. Angela says she is hurt by Daryan not accepting her apology.

Vanessa says she was thrown off by everything. When Angela leaves, Vanessa goes back to Daryan, letting her know that she should’ve accepted Angela’s apology. Angela calls her friend Karen, spilling out her feelings about what happened.

Angela is trying, and she feels Daryan should accept that.

Boogie is preparing to DJ a party and Tee Tee is still talking about Kristinia and Adonis.

Boogie is out walking his dog and calls Briana, inviting her to a party he’s DJ’ing. Briana is open to going, but she doesn’t want to deal with Angela. Boogie tells her he doesn’t think Angela will be showing up.

Troy is hanging out with Egypt at her house when Tee Tee comes back from speed dating. Tee spills all about what happened, including the beef between Briana and Kristinia.

“Briana verses Angela, Briana vs Kristinia, I can’t keep up.” – Tee Tee

Tee Tee brings up how Briana confronted Kristinia about allgedly sleeping with her married producer, Adonis. Egypt is going to go to her mom Pepa and persuade her to talk to Kristinia about this.

Tee Tee invites them to Boogie’s party.

Boogie feels the pressure as Dame preps paperwork for Boogie to run the new business.

Boogie meets with his dad Dame and they’re meeting with their lawyer. The lawyer is coming over to put the business into Boogie’s name. Boogie is nervous because Dame doesn’t know about his latest DUI. The lawyer takes his fingerprints for a background check.

“I’m not messing up my opportunities, I could be messing up my family’s opportunities.” – Boogie

Kendrick calls Romeo, asking for $14,000.

Romeo is out at a party, salsa dancing. As he is hanging out with his friends, Kendrick calls. Kendrick leaves him a voicemail message.

On the voicemail, Kendrick says he wants $14,000 for the chain he lost as a result of the beat down. Romeo doesn’t appreciate any of this.

“He still thinks he is in the right.” – Romeo

His other friends say Kendrick only wants money. Romeo thinks this is a line in the sand that will alter their relationship permanently.

Angela is still hopeful she can improve her relationships with her sisters.

Angela heads to the spa for a date with Vanessa. Angela wants to catch-up with Vanessa about what happened with them and Daryan.

Vanessa arrives late to the spa session, but they still talk. Vanessa expected much more of a positive outcome with their coffee date then what actually happened. Angela didn’t expect Daryan’s reaction either. Vanessa is still hopeful they will work it out. When Vanessa brings up Angela’s wedding, Angela gets weird. Angela explains her wedding is on hold.

“It’s on the back burner.” – Angela

Vanessa says in her green screen interview that Angela has been mum on her upcoming wedding and she thinks something is up.

Angela is appreciative of how Daryan expressed herself and she hopes she comes around, wanting to fix their relationship.

Vanessa invites Angela to Boogie’s party but Angela says she is on baby duty. Overall, Angela is happy she was finally able to hang out with Vanessa.

Pepa sits down with Kristinia and Egypt overhears them talking about Pepa’s book. 

At Pepa’s house, Kristinia arrive for a talk about the rumor about her and Adonis. She has liquor to help get the truth out of Kristinia but Kristinia isn’t drinking, in order to preserve her vocal cords.

Pepa’s book is brought up and she’s nervous when Kristinia says she read it. Pepa still doesn’t want Egypt to know about it. Egypt overhears this and wants to know what’s in the book. Pepa tells Kristinia there’s lots of drama in the book that could hurt Egypt.

When the conversation gets to Kristinia’s rumor, things get a little tense.

Pepa brings up how Egypt came to her about Kristinia’s rumor of sleeping with Adonis. Kristinia feels Briana is spreading these rumors, despite Troy being the one telling Pepa.

She asks Kristinia why they are at multiple events. Kristinia says they’ve known each other since she was 19. Pepa brings up if his wife knows her, and she says she doesn’t know her like that. Pepa side eyes this.

Kristinia confronts Briana at Boogie’s party. 

Boogie is at his party DJ’ing and Kristinia brings Adonis to the party. Kristinia gives Adonis a recap of her conversation with Briana about the rumor.

Adonis is proud she stuck up for herself, and assures her she has nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Tee Tee and her friend are picking up Briana.

Kristinia introduces Adonis to Boogie. He says he isn’t drinking because of the pressure he already has. He’s happy the party is going well because he needs the $5,000

Later at the party, Kristinia and Briana go off to the side to talk about the rumor. Kristinia feels that Briana came at her wrong and it was disrespectful. Meanwhile, Briana feels Kristinia needs to stop lying to her and understand she wasn’t the one spreading the rumors about her and Adonis.

When they sit down at the bar, they got straight to things, leaving Adonis over with Deja and their other friends. Briana said she wasn’t trying to be messy when she asked Kristinia about Adonis at the speed dating event about. However, Kristinia stands her ground.

This sets Briana off.

“This is my attempt at an apology. However, Please don’ check me again, please.” – Briana

Kristinia still doesn’t back down.

“I probably will again, if you cross me again.” – Kristinia

Suddenly, this sit-down becomes an argument of sorts as Briana and Kristinia’s friendship deteriorates. Briana says she didn’t cross Kristinia, and only wanted to talk to her about this because she’s been hearing about Kristinia sleeping with Adonis from others.

Kristinia wants Briana to take her word for it, but Briana isn’t sure she’s going to do that. Kristinia insists she should take what she says as truth. Briana is insistent on their friendship being like family. And Kristinia reminds her about being there for Briana when she got beat up by her boyfriend. This conversation ends on a bad note.

B****. You were there for me at the hospital. Knock it the f*** off. I was already safe when you got there. You can suck it over there on Adonis’ d***.” – Briana

Boogie expresses his distrust with Tee Tee for spilling his tea.

Next, Boogie pulls Tee Tee to the side to let her know that it isn’t cool that she’s talking about his DUI to other people.

“I thought we had a secret bond, but you were telling other people my secret.” – Boogie

Tee Tee says she told Briana because she was concerned about Boogie. She apologized. Boogie explained that he is keeping it secret because he is not ready to tell his father yet.

Boogie says Tee Tee is not a Ride or Die and he can’t trust her.

Master P gets a call that Kendrick is upping the ante, filing a lawsuit. 

The next day, Master P hits the gym with his daughter Cymphonique. She tells P that Romeo was on a date. However things go bad when he gets a call that Kendrick wants to sue him and Romeo.

“Everybody trying to sue you or get something from you. That’s why you got to be careful about who you keep around you.” – Master P

They cut the workout short so they can talk to Romeo.

Egypt wants to read Pepa’s book, and Tee Tee reluctantly agrees to help. 

Egypt is at home with Tee Tee and she wants to know what’s in her mom’s book. Tee Tee read it and she goes to Tee Tee to find out what happened. Egypt tells her that Pepa talked to Kristinia about it. Tee Tee isn’t sure she want’s to do this.

“Let sleeping dogs lie.” – Tee Tee

Tee Tee also lets her know that there are things in the book that can hurt her, and change her mind about others.

Despite this, she agrees to get Egypt the book. Egypt is excited to finally read the book. Tee Tee gets Egypt to promise to talk to her about things in the book that confuse her or make her mad. Egypt agrees and takes the book, hiding it in her bedroom.

Romeo finds out about Kendrick’s lawsuit. 

At Romeo’s house, he playing pool with a friend when Master P stops by. He lets Romeo know that his agent called him, telling him that Kendrick filed a lawsuit for over $500,000.

Romeo pulls up the email and reads the lawsuit. Master P lets him know that he isn’t worried about it. P just wants Romeo to learn from the situation. He also feels like Kendrick is a chump.

He tells Romeo it would be best to let their lawyers handle this because Kendrick’s lawsuit has no merit anyway.

“It’s a wrap.” – Master P

Romeo is ready to cut Kendrick off.


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  1. I’m glad Kristinia was not here for Briana’s bullsh-t. See how quickly she ended the conversation and slithered away after Kristinia let her know she ain’t no punk. Briana is all talk.

  2. poor briana.so damaged.
    why cant Egypt just log on amazon for the book if everyone else is able to get a hold of the book? I didnt watch the entire episode. Was the book not that accessible?

    1. That’s what I don’t get either!! Egypt said she hasn’t been able to read it because Pepa told not to and she has access to her credit card records but it’s still not adding up. Especially when she can just buy it with cash.

  3. I think Briana was feeling big and bad because she tried Angela and Angela decided to remain classy and just walk away from her. But she’d be a fool to think everyone is going to respond like Angela. She is going to say the wrong thing to someone and get her feelings hurt. I don’t know if Kristinia is being honest or not but I’m definitely happy she’s not taking Briana’s mess.

  4. Briana is a messy ole queen. Kristinia was in her corner as a friend and bought others with her, she had nobody but ole dude who was beating her. A friend would have told the girl what was being said to warn her not accuse her. How is it her business anyway and who cares what the street says, all you got to do is something different and that will change. She acted like it gave her joy to say that crap to someone who was there for her, like who else came to the hospital for her. I don’t like her she has to much mess.

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