‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Recap: Kristinia Checks Briana + Romeo Gets Sued

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By: A.J. Niles

On the latest episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Boogie is DJ’ing a party to raise his lawyer fees. At the party, Kristinia confronts Briana about the rumors being spread by Tee Tee. Briana had plenty of clap backs ready but Kristinia didn’t back down.

Meanwhile, Egypt overhears Pepa talking to Kristinia about her book. Now she wants to read what’s in the book, although Tee Tee warns her that this isn’t a good idea.

Angela and Vanessa are hopeful their sister Daryan wants to come around to building up their relationship as sisters.

Lastly, Romeo learns the cost of his former friendship with Kendrick as a lawsuit is filed against him and Master P over what happened in New Orleans.

Here is the recap for the episode titled, “Mo Money Mo Problems.”

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  1. I’m glad Kristinia was not here for Briana’s bullsh-t. See how quickly she ended the conversation and slithered away after Kristinia let her know she ain’t no punk. Briana is all talk.

  2. poor briana.so damaged.
    why cant Egypt just log on amazon for the book if everyone else is able to get a hold of the book? I didnt watch the entire episode. Was the book not that accessible?

    1. That’s what I don’t get either!! Egypt said she hasn’t been able to read it because Pepa told not to and she has access to her credit card records but it’s still not adding up. Especially when she can just buy it with cash.

  3. I think Briana was feeling big and bad because she tried Angela and Angela decided to remain classy and just walk away from her. But she’d be a fool to think everyone is going to respond like Angela. She is going to say the wrong thing to someone and get her feelings hurt. I don’t know if Kristinia is being honest or not but I’m definitely happy she’s not taking Briana’s mess.

  4. Briana is a messy ole queen. Kristinia was in her corner as a friend and bought others with her, she had nobody but ole dude who was beating her. A friend would have told the girl what was being said to warn her not accuse her. How is it her business anyway and who cares what the street says, all you got to do is something different and that will change. She acted like it gave her joy to say that crap to someone who was there for her, like who else came to the hospital for her. I don’t like her she has to much mess.

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