Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Van Assaults Jenn’s Male Friend + Ryan Comes Clean About Kat

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Van’s eight year long relationship with Jenn is tested when they discuss marriage. After he tells Jenn he needs some space, she brings a male friend around the 9 Mag crew, which results in a physical altercation.

Charmaine confronts Ryan about his past with Kat after Danielle spills the tea.

JR and Lily get back on track.

And Ashley and Don are finally able to come to an understanding about her stay at home mom dreams.

Here’s a recap of “This One Time at Van Camp.”

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  1. Oh he is definetly lying cuz we heard that convo they had at the lake and if you didnt sleep with someone why ask if ur mic is on so u can talk or be reminded that its on so u won’t say something u not suppose too. I also think Vans girlfriend was messy as hell to bring a dude to that party when she knows damn well how tempermental he is. Somebody could have really got hurt all cuz she wanna make him jealous. If you trying to move on and date other people then do that but don’t bring the guy around him and his friends and be shocked when he spazzes out. that’s how a lot of men have gotten killed in the past because of women like her.

  2. Men like Van are a trip. You been with a woman for eight years and the thought of marriage still scares you? How? LOL.

  3. I don’t think Ryan is lying. This stuff is scripted for tv. Kat done been with EVERY body and think everybody want her mouse face looking arse. Kat is the typical female u have to watch around your man, she has no respect for relationships or herself for that matter.

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