Moniece Threatens Lyrica

Lyrica Anderson and Moniece Slaughter fell out after Moniece told Lyrica she wouldn’t attend her listening party if Alexis Skyy was invited.

Lyrica thought it was a really petty move by Moniece and they exchanged some verbal jabs which led to Moniece threatening to beat up Lyrica.

When Lyrica heard the remark, she dared Moniece to run up.

Moniece didn’t but Lyrica confronted her about their fallout when Moniece ended up showing up to her listening party with Misster Ray and Nia.

Lyrica once again put Moniece on the spot and dared her to throw hands. Instead, Moniece left Lyrica’s listening party but she claimed on Twitter hours ago she had a good reason for just walking away.

This all came out after Lyrica had some things to say on Twitter (read tweets from bottom to top):


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  1. I wish Moniece would shut the f-ck up. She has the biggest f-cking head because she pulled someone’s hair on season one. I ain’t seen her whoop no one’s a-s yet. Lyrica ain’t scared of her because she knows Moniece ain’t as bad as she says she is.

  2. But Jessica Dime already spilled the tea. They only get fined if they hit someone with a closed fist. So what’s Moniece’s excuse for not pulling hair like she always does or actually slapping Lyrica when she had the chance? LOL.

    1. You sound dumb. Y’all wanna hate Moniece so bad but all these hoes keep coming for her to stay relevant. N they doing it because they know she can’t hit them. Lyrica got balls all of a sudden cuz security in the way nnthats just the truth. But y’all wanna be mad at Moniece so bad y’all blinded. But when she really do hurt somebody cuz they keep bothering her n talking about her to provoke her then y’all still gon be poppin mess like y’all did when Joseline snatched the whole cast.

      1. Don’t let my comment offend you. That’s not my intent. But I think bringing up Joseline only highlights my point. Joseline actually throws punches, something we have never seen Moniece do. Erica Dixon even said Joseline punched her in the jaw when they fought on season one. We’ve seen Joseline punch Stevie in the face. Joseline has receipts about her fighting abilities. Moniece does not. Even when she so called beat up Alexis, there were no bruises, no blood, no black eye, nada. All she said she did was pull off her wig. So if all Moniece is doing is pulling hair and wigs off when the cameras ain’t around, why am I supposed to believe she’s Laila Ali? I’m not buying it. She really needs to chill out before someone who is about that life for real hurts her. That’s all I’m saying. And again, Moniece picks and chooses her battles wisely. Anyone who has no fear of her, she dodges and lies about fines. She knows the truth. Jessica Dime spilled that tea. But we can agree to disagree.

    2. Yeah TMZ said they can’t hit anyone with closed fists. Moniece can get around that if she wants to. She doesn’t want to. Now I don’t know if it’s because she’s scared of Lyrica or not but I do know she doesn’t really want to fight. But she probably can’t say that since her supporters only like her because they think she can fight.

  3. Moniece has some nerve accusing anyone of jumping on a bandwagon when she’s currently on Masika’s. She had nothing to do with Masika’s situation with Alexis but got involved anyway. So she can’t call out anyone else.

  4. I really think Moniece needs to rethink all this running up on people crap she’s doing. If she’s not careful, one day she’s going to run on the wrong person and get seriously hurt or even killed. I read an article the other day about a hair stylist running up on her man’s side chick and the side chick shot and killed her. She does have a son to think about.

  5. Child all these people are annoying. To them, beating someone up means pulling off their wig. They all need to have a seat because none of them can fight.

  6. Umm I don’t think Moniece needs to be trying to give advice about what it takes to be successful outside of the show when she literally has nothing going on outside of the show. Say what you want about Lyrica, but Lyrica actually has a great songwriting career. She’s even worked with Beyonce. That’s why she needs to stop beefing with Moniece because unlike Moniece, she has plenty to lose. I know she’s on the show because she wants to be famous, but this ain’t a good look for Lyrica.

  7. Moniece needs to think long and hard about what producers were really saying. If they are warning her not to touch Lyrica, then that basically means they feel Lyrica is more valuable to the show than Moniece is. She’s basically shading herself in some of these tweets and she doesn’t even realize it. But I get why Mona would feel that way. Lyrica and A1 actually have careers and represent the actual theme of the show. And Masika needs to think about all of this too. If they took her out of the opening credits because she wouldn’t film with Alexis, she’s not that much of an asset either. These production companies are a mess. That’s why I respect Cardi. She did two seasons and dipped. Smart chick.

  8. Let’s see, Moniece has been “above the drama” with Princess, Tiffany and now Lyrica. All three have made it clear they don’t fear her. So I’m noticing a trend here…

  9. I used to like Moniece but she’s been hard to like since she got cool with Masika. Plus, her pulling Amanda’s hair doesn’t necessarily means she can fight. Squaring up with someone is very different. We haven’t seen her do that yet so I’m not sure she can even fight like that.

  10. Moniece is the one who started all of this. She really needs to stop trying to dictate who people can be friends with. I feel like too many people are doing Masika’s dirty work for her this season and they don’t realize they are being used. Plus Moniece should have never said she wanted to beat Lyrica’s a-s. Did she really think that wouldn’t piss off Lyrica? If you keep going around saying you’re going to beat a-s, eventually someone is going to tell you to back up the sh-t you’re talking.

  11. I don’t like Masika or Moniece because both of them are corny. They swear their reads are lethal but they are mainly just childish. And Moniece really thinks she can beat everyone up because she pulled a scary chick’s hair years ago. Sis, you’re not scary. Like at all. And that’s the real reason she’s tweeting all this bs. She’s mad Lyrica is not backing down. So if she’s not going to fight on the show anymore, it’s time for her to stop talking sh-t. It’s that simple.

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