Shekinah Jo Comes for Lyrica Anderson’s Mother

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Shekinah Jo has been offending her coworkers on “VH1: Family Reunion.”

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Shekinah Jo is having a lot of drama on the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion.” As we reported, it didn’t take long for Shekinah to clash with Lyrica Anderson. After Lyrica tried to say hello to Shekinah, Shekinah refused to shake Lyrica’s hand. It’s been tension between them ever since, too. Shekinah said Lyrica sent her an Instagram DM requesting for Shekinah to promote one of Lyrica’s songs. But when Shekinah read Lyrica’s Instagram bio, it read “Follow Back.” Although this is the standard and automatic prompt that was only letting Shekinah know that she wasn’t following Lyrica back, this rubbed Shekinah the wrong way. So she mistakenly assumed that it was Lyrica herself demanding that Shekinah follows her back.

Interestingly enough, Shekinah gave another reason for her issues with Lyrica on the recent episode. And Shekinah alleged that someone in Los Angeles told her that Lyrica doesn’t want to get to know her because she could be dangerous for her brand and music career.

Sukihana tried to place peacemaker.

“Love And Hip Hop Miami” star Sukihana made it to Jamaica to join the rest of the “VH1: Family Reunion” cast. And when the ladies hung out at a spa, Sukihana attempted to push Shekinah and Lyrica to hash things out.

After Suki questioned what led to the drama, Lyrica answered, “The root of the problem is she left my hand out unshaken, and she was being rude for no apparent reason. I didn’t do nothing to her. It’s just that simple, girl.”

Sukihana had another question.

“So she felt like she didn’t wanna shake your hand because she heard that you ain’t even wanna be associated with her because of your music career.”

And Lyrica answered, “Absolutely not, absolutely not.”

Sukihana went on to ask Shekinah, “You said that you have not just proof but you heard it for yourself? Is that what you said?”

Shekinah responded, “I said I got a real, a real, real source.”

Things only worsened between Lyrica Anderson and Shekinah Jo.

Sukihana asked Lyrica again if she didn’t want to associate with Shekinah due to her brand.

“So my thing is, do you feel like associating with her could hurt your brand?”

Lyrica replies, “What? Why? I don’t even know her to be like oh I don’t wanna hang out with you because of B and C. You see her, the look on this little *****’s face?”

Things escalated further once Shekinah clapped back with, “Your mother is a one-hit wonder!”

Both of the women had to be restrained at this point. I’s going to take a lot of work for Shekinah and Lyrica to end the bad blood. Lyrica is still upset about Shekinah telling her to “be a parent” to her son.


  1. Shekinah needs psychiatric help. That’s with love!

    You’re hurt and angry. It is showing in so many ways.

    1. Shekinah is a Troubled Young Woman, that’s probably the reason her & TI couldn’t get along and Tiny had to Drop her like a ROTTEN STINKY DIRTY DIAPER !!!
      Surprisingly, she still has a job but she is Entertainment Only ! SMH

      1. Shekana ( however you spell her name!) is a loud-mouth, no business having, messier than Karlie, need a man a**! She has mental issues that she needs to deal with. She claims to be so real, real messy, real loud, real annoying and really in need of a mother to explain a thing or to, to her! Those that know her can only take her in increments. Hopefully she never becomes someones mother!

  2. Shekina is giving ” desperately need to stay relevant on a show so cling to a storyline that’s about starting mess but quick to say I don’t fight and will call the police ” . Lyrica gets on my nerves at times too but this is pure out of order. Shekina wheezing trying to make her point loud and not making sense. Is it really that deep when someone unfollow you and you don’t know eachother. I don’t get why shekanah care so much. Girl you have no love and haven’t done any music (hip or hop), no real singing talent or music industry background. Why are you even there. All that drama since she came , grow up and get your bag instead of relying on VH1 shows because we know how it was when they put you on ice. Should be more graceful imo

  3. Chicana is messy on any show she goes to I don’t even know why you guys put her out there like that and she better stop playing because she don’t know how to fight and learn to niece the whipper a** How’s she gonna talk about somebody’s mom and don’t get her mouth beat

  4. Shekina needs to grow up and stay out of other peoples business. This is her whole storyline gossiping. When she gets called out she wants to get loud and talk sh-t. I was so glad when Chrissy called her out. Why is she on this show?

  5. Yes! She was not getting ready to step to Chrissy.

    I agree! Instead of them exploiting her, they need to help her.

    She’s got a great opportunity to be on these shows but she’s about to black ball herself from television.

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