Kat Throws Some Shade While Ryan Henry Denies Cheating on Rachel

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the current season of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” things got pretty scandalous after Charmaine walked in on Kat and Ryan in the bathroom together during the gang’s cabin retreat.

Danielle later came out and told Charmaine that Kat and Ryan have a history and fans of the reality show will have to wait until October to see what Ryan’s girlfriend Rachel does after she finds out about their bathroom ordeal.

But Kat has no problem throwing a little shade now.

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  1. Katt and Ryan been together since the first season. After Rachel had Jeremihs baby and moved to LA for a lil himand Katt were a thing. Ryan started getting in his feelings about Katt progressing and that’s what caused their riff.

  2. if it wasn’t a big deal and nothing happened, then there was no reason for him to remind her that her mic was still on. Just saying.

  3. Ryan is lying. I totally believe that. He got caught and now he is trying to cover his ass. As for all of you saying that Kat was in the wrong, she is and was single. He is the one claiming to be in a relationship. It is better that Rachel knows that he has not changed before she makes her decision on whether to stay with him or not.

    1. Rachel knew what she had to know in Cabo. Why keep carrying on telling raunchy details of their sex life. If he was to admit that shit, then what? He will still despise her. she wants him to acknowledge she wasn’t a casual fling or jump off but guess what- she was exactly that, all the little sappy texts was him playing the game, get over it and get over his dick….and tongue game, lol!

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