Briana Latrise Wants to Quit GUHH + Drags Kristinia DeBarge

On the current season of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Briana Latrise is currently at odds with Angela Simmons and Briana Latrise.

Angela is refusing to film with Briana after their exchange on the first episode of the season, and Kristinia doesn’t want to deal with Briana anymore because she feels like Briana didn’t have her back amid the rumors regarding Adonis.

None of this is sitting well with Briana, and she took to Instagram Live to vent.

In fact, she’s so frustrated with the season that she’s pondering leaving the show:

“I’m f*cking done. I’m done! I’m not doing this sh*t again. Y’all b*tches won’t make another fool out of me, again. Not for chump change, b*tch. I could have slung french fries for this f*ckery.

“I guess this right now is me quitting. This is me quitting.”

When one of her followers told her she should stay on the show, she responded with the following:

“Stay on for what? So they can put words in my mouth and twist sh*t around? Nah. You’re not going to play me out. You’re not going to throw me under the f*cking bus, again.”

She also made it clear that she feels like Kristinia is acting cowardly by refusing to talk their issues out:

“In actuality, these b*tches have no basis to be mad at me at all or whatsoever. And to be talking sh*t the way they talk sh*t. I get it. It’s drama for the show. But here’s the real issue, you scared because you don’t do that sh*t in my face. You won’t do it to me. You won’t say that sh*t to me. The best you’ll say is, ‘I don’t want to talk right now.’ I bet you don’t you scary b*tch. But I do. I do because there’s real issues we could address. You’re a fake f*cking friend. Don’t smile in my face. And then we’d be deaded after that. Conversation done. Over.

“At the end of the day, you just figured out that it wasn’t me who started the rumor. And the only thing your b*tch a*s could say was, ‘And you didn’t defend me?’ Defend what b*tch? When I f*cking asked you, you came at me funny. The f*ck are you talking about? How am I going to defend some sh*t I don’t know? I can’t.

“Everybody apparently has misplaced anger yet I’m the one who has to be the angry black b*tch. That’s some f*ck sh*t if you ask me.”

Briana feels Kristinia isn’t being honest when it comes to the rumors regarding Adonis:

“My issue with Kristinia is throwing all kind of underhanded shade. I never said sh*t about you, my n*gga. I ain’t talk about how it’s real life rumors about you in the streets about you f*cking on n*ggas for records and you still don’t have a hit, like?

“At the end of the day b*tch, you know you’re f*cking this n*gga. You are. Just own it. You f*ck all kinds of n*ggas. You’d f*ck more n*ggas if they let you. But the n*ggas that you want to f*ck with, quiet as it’s kept, ain’t checking for you. Least that’s what I read in the text message receipts.”

She dared Adonis to confront her like he did Tee Tee:

“You’s a big a*s b*tch, n*gga. Big b*tch a*s n*gga. And I said it! And I dare you to run the f*ck up on me. You won’t. And send one of your little b*tches…”

She had more to say about her cast mates:

“I don’t give a f*ck about the show when I leave it. I’m telling you now that I don’t ever feel comfortable…as it stands, I don’t feel comfortable coming back because at no point ever did I get a chance to say…I didn’t even get a chance to ask motherf*ckers what their real problem is because no one will sit in the room with me long enough to be in a scene. What are you so scared of? Like let’s be real. What do n*ggas run from more than themselves and the truth? You can’t sit at the table long enough…you think I’ma jump on you and really whoop your a*s? Really? This isn’t Love and Hip Hop. N*ggas don’t be fighting n*ggas on the show.

“My thing is, I’ll do drama for a check. We can do this little bullsh*t on the show. But sh*t trickle over into affecting my real life. What y’all aren’t understanding is there are bloggers dogging me the f*ck out right now based off the interpretation of the Briana that they see on TV.”

And she’s not happy about the editing:

“You keep claiming this is a platform for me and I can do things…what am I going to f*cking do? Like what am I going to do when the majority of my followers follow me because they hate me and there not even sure why because they just want to. They’re not going to support what I have going on.”

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  1. This woman has mental issues. And I don’t blame Kristinia or Angela for not wanting to be around her. She goes from 0 to 100 way too quick and it’s draining to deal with people like that. She also says the worst things about people and then plays clueless when they decide they don’t want to talk to her anymore. No one is obligated to deal with her and she’s grown enough to understand that.

  2. When you do a reality show, the producers can only work with what you give them. If you’re acting like an angry b-tch all the time, that’s what the public is going to see and know from you. That’s her fault.

  3. I find this behavior to be really weak. She talks tough all the time but can’t take the criticism she’s getting online. Interesting.

  4. When all else fails, blame everything on the producers. No one is forcing Briana to say and do the things she does. She wants to but doesn’t like when people cut her off for it.

  5. I’m trying to think of the worst thing Angela and Kristinia have said about this chick that warrants all the nasty things she’s said about them and I keep coming up short. They don’t even say anything about her personal life but she keeps talking about what they do with there vags. She’s a nasty person.

  6. This b!$## true colors done came out when she burned a guy online who bought one if her art pieces in February. She had him send the money PayPal friends and family therefore there is no invoice. She never sent the art work and the guy has been trying to get his money but her rat a## tried to turn the tables and yell at him and basically tell him stop harassing me because I don’t have your money. I can’t give u what I don’t have. Pathetic and disgusting. I wouldn’t trust her tongue if it came notarized.

  7. The b*tch probably about to get fired because the producers told her that we can’t have you on the show if nobody’s willing to film with you, cuz we all know she doesn’t have sh*t else going on in her personal life, her own dad doesn’t speak to her, and now she’s in her feelings about it so the save face she’s probably saying that she’s about to quit. Bye b*tch!!

  8. To be honest I had forgotten about this show and just picked it back on- demand. Briana had me so pissed off. I know ‘drinking problem’ everyone is talking about is Boogie but Briana has one too- she has to, because her judgement is a mess right now. Last season I really liked her! This season she is a fool. Angela is a snob but Briana was calling her “b___” practically from hello. Then I really don’t like the Kristinia thing, she stood by Briana and did not judge when she was experiencing abuse from her boyfriend. Then Briana just throws her under the bus, and then has the nerve to get mad and blame Kristinia and then has the nerve to keep going with the sh__on social media.

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